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Four Ingredient Wild Blueberry Coconut Yogurt Pops

At the peak of summer, our freezer is often so abundant with ice pops there’s little room for much else. They’re the ultimate warm weather treat that goes over big time with grown-ups and kids alike. And when it comes time to entertain, frozen sweets on a stick are an easy fix, since no forks, knives or plates are required.

In a pinch, I’ll pick up store-bought pops, but homemade ones tend to be better tasting and better for you. Case in point are these Wild Blueberry Coconut Yogurt Pops. The recipe is simple, with just four little ingredients, but the end result is cool, creamy and crazy good.

One big upside to these icy treats is that the bright beautiful color comes not from artificial food dye, as is the case with many store-bought pops. Instead, that blue hue comes from the all-natural pigment in Wild Blueberries. Indeed, the same anthocyanins that lend the pretty marbled effect also deliver a nutritious dose of antioxidants. And even though fresh cultivated berries may be available in the summer, there’s meaningful evidence that opting for frozen Wild Blueberries is a wiser way to go. They have double the antioxidant capacity of conventional blueberries and one-third less sugar.

The method for making these pops is easy. First, be sure to take a gander at your yogurt ingredients before buying, settling on one free of anything artificial and lower on the sugar scale. Next, simmer the frozen Wild Blueberries and maple syrup together until reduced to a juicy blend. Lastly, gently swirl the Wild Blueberry syrup into the coconut yogurt, pour into pop molds, and freeze.

Coconut and Wild Blueberries make a magical match in these creamy froyo treats. They deliver big time in the taste category, all at under 100 calories a pop.

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