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Ring in the New Year with a Wild Blueberry Detox Smoothie

The Christmas cookies have come and gone. The green bean casserole has been put to rest. It’s high time for a little detox bevvie–and we’re not talking New Year’s bubbly!

Wild Blueberry Detox Smoothie

We all know that smoothies are a superb way to sneak in all kinds of superfoods, from vitamin K-rich kale, anti-cancer turmeric, and our favorite fiberlicious Wild Blueberries. They’re the ideal on-the-go burst of nutrition that can very well satisfy the taste buds at the same time.

January marks the beginning of the New Year, meaning everyone is discussing the detox. After the holiday season, it’s a good time to rid the body of excess toxins found in sugar, alcohol, and fried foods. Detoxing simply means to cleanse the body of the unhealthy, highly processed foods that we gorged on in December by eating and/or drinking lots of nutrient-rich fruits and veggies.

Embracing a healthier lifestyle as you ring in the New Year doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to cookies forever. By enriching your life with simple antioxidant-packed superfoods like Wild Blueberries, avocado, turmeric, and kale, you’re giving your liver a break and boosting your physical and mental health.

Let’s talk ingredients! While black pepper in a fruit smoothie may sound like a prank, it actually adds a deliciously unexpected kick to this Wild Blueberry Detox Smoothie. Flavor aside, the real reason black pepper plays a starring role in this healthy beverage is because adding a pinch boosts the bioavailability of curcumin (the bioactive compound in turmeric) by more than tenfold. Consuming tumeric with fat also helps boosts absorption, hence…avocado!

Frozen Wild Blueberries

Rewind. Why do we care about boosting curcumin levels? Several studies suggest that curcumin is a potent fighter of cancer, inflammation, osteoporosis, and more. Turmeric is a true superfood!

So trade in the bubbly for wild blueberries and kick off the New Year right with this scrumptious glass of liquid nutrition. Your liver will surely thank you!

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