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WILD Eats to Celebrate Mom

Mom is pretty incredible because of everything she does for the family. While one day hardly seems like enough to show our gratitude, it’s a great reminder to slow down and show our appreciation for all those little (and big) things that she does. No matter how you’re planning to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day, start the day off with a WILD breakfast that’ll show her how much you love her.

Breakfast in bed, or at the table – the choice is yours! The kids can join in by setting the table or tray and even helping you (make and) serve a tasty breakfast. Mom will enjoy and savor every WILD bite that’s full of flavor, health benefits, and of course – your love and appreciation.

The flavors of Wild Blueberries and their health benefits make them a great choice to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day. Full of intense blueberry flavor, Wild Blueberries are rich in anthocyanins. This is the compound that gives them their deep blue and purple hues. Anthocyanins have been shown to boost brain health, support gut, and heart health, and more!

To show MOM just how much you love her, try making her a few of these WILD recipes:

Wild Blueberry Bubbly

Start her Mother’s Day celebration with a toast. This is an excellent time for the kids to present their homemade cards to Mom and say “Thank You” for everything she does every day. You can prep the Wild Blueberry simple syrup ahead of time and in the morning Pour it over her favorite champagne, prosecco, or even seltzer for a family-friendly toast.

Wild Blueberry Breakfast Flatbread

If you’re looking for something fun, tasty, and easy for the kids to help you make for Mom, this flatbread hits all the marks – and it’s beautiful. The flavored cream cheese blends can be made ahead of time for an easy-to-assemble breakfast in the morning. Mom will love how tasty they are.

Wild Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes

Pancakes are always a crowd pleaser but today is all about Mom – so up your game! These pancakes are made from scratch but won’t take you all morning to whip up. The Wild Blueberries pair deliciously with the ricotta and lemon, and the Wild Blueberry sauce adds one more touch making these hotcakes extraordinary.

Wild Blueberry Muffin Donut Holes with Wild Blueberry Glaze

Nothing is better than a freshly baked doughnut. Full of a sweet, tart, and tangy flavors, these Wild Blueberry Muffins Donut Holes will impress Mom without making a mess of the entire kitchen. Make sure the donut holes are cool before dipping them in the Wild Blueberry Glaze.  Not only is double dipping allowed, but it’s also encouraged!

Wild Blueberry Pull-Apart Bread

Short on time this year? You can still treat Mom to a delicious home-baked goody full of Wild Blueberry deliciousness. This pull-apart bread can be made with from-scratch dough or, Mom’s favorite can of refrigerated biscuits. Once you drizzle the maple-glaze, Mom may not want to share another bite.

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