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Wild and Healthy Salad for Summer Cookouts: Wild Blueberry Zoodle Bowl

We are well into summer, and that means you’ve most likely attended a few BBQs and picnics, and made and brought along your favorite potluck picnic recipe to share with friends. I love introducing you to new, healthy dishes, and I know you’ll want to add this Wild Blueberry Zoodle Bowl to your summer party recipe repertoire.

A fresh and flavorful salad offers a light and healthy option over the usual hotdogs and potato salad, and they also provide an opportunity to use tasty in-season veggies like sautéed asparagus in my Wild Blueberry Orzo Salad and English peas in this spring-inspired Pasta Salad with Wild Blueberries.

Summer is also a great time to eat more locally; so much delicious produce thrives during this season! Head to a farmer’s market and you’ll find plenty of corn, zucchini, and fresh herbs – all grown near or around your home.  Buying local and in-season produce means you’re supporting your community’s farmers while getting the highest quality produce you can find.

When produce is sold locally and in-season, you can be assured that it hasn’t been picked weeks before it’s ripe or flown in from halfway across the world. It’s likely been picked at the peak of readiness, so you get the best tasting produce with the highest nutritional content. One thing I love about this salad is that it’s so flexible – you can use whatever veggies are available in-season near you.

Even if you don’t live anywhere near a Wild Blueberry farm (I sure don’t!) you can trust that frozen Wild Blueberries have been picked at the peak of ripeness and frozen immediately. That means you’re getting Wild Blueberries at their very best – with the most flavor and nutrients preserved in your freezer until you’re ready to use them in this delicious salad.

This summer salad bowl highlights the zucchini I bought from my local farmer’s market, diced jicama for a juicy crunch, grilled corn for delicious sweetness, and fresh home-grown herbs. To give this salad even more summer flavor, I added frozen Wild Blueberries for a refreshing, sweet-tart combo. They work perfectly in savory salads and provide gorgeous color to any dish. This salad is sure to impress your friends, brighten up your summer BBQ plate, and become your new favorite summer picnic recipe.

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