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Health Effects of Vaccinium myrtillus L.: Evaluation of Efficacy and Technological Strategies for Preservation of Active Ingredients

Smeriglio, A.; Monteleone, D.; Trombetta, D.

Anthocyanins: targeting of signaling networks in cancer cells

Sehitoglu, M. H.; Farooqi, A. A.; Qureshi, M. Z.; Butt, G.; Aras, A.

Omne Ignotum pro Magnifico: characterization of commercial Bilberry extracts to fight adulteration

Giacomelli, L.; Appendino, G.; Franceschi, F.; Togni, S.; Pace, R.

Polyphenols: well beyond the antioxidant capacity: gallic acid and related compounds as neuroprotective agents: you are what you eat!

Daglia, M.; Di Lorenzo, A.; Nabavi, S. F.; Talas, Z. S.; Nabavi, S. M.