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Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.)

Chu, W.; Cheung, S. C. M.; Lau, R. A. W.; Benzie, I. F. F.

Blueberries and metabolic syndrome

Mizuno, C. S.; Rimando, A. M.

Berries as chemopreventive dietary constituents–a mechanistic approach with the ApcMin/+ mouse

Mutanen, M.; Pajari, A. M.; Paivarinta, E.; Misikangas, M.; Rajakangas, J.; Marttinen, M.; Oikarinen, S.

Anthocyanins and heart health

Mazza, G. J.

Perspective on the U.S. and global blueberry industry

Brazelton, D.; Strik, B. C.