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Then Get Wild with this one week Wild Blueberry Workout and Meal Plan. This handy resource features quick and easy meal ideas for each day of the week, plus recipes from Registered Dietitian Anne Mauney. You’ll also get a week’s worth of wildly awesome exercise tips from fitness expert and personal trainer Gina Harney. You’ll notice Anne’s meal plan is full of recipes using frozen Wild Blueberries! She says: “Wild Blueberries may be small but they’re packed with more intense blueberry flavor and twice the antioxidants and fiber of the regular blueberries you find in the produce section. They’re nutritional superstars with convenience and freshness frozen right in. I love using Wild Blueberries for cooking baking, making smoothies and more.”

So be sure to look for Wild Blueberries in the frozen fruit section of your local grocery store; just make sure the package says “Wild.”

Now go Get Fit and Get Wild! Enjoy!