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New Study Reinforces Powerful Benefits of Wild Blueberries on Cardiovascular and Brain Function

Daily Dose Helps Improve Memory, Executive Function, and Blood Pressure in Healthy Older Adults
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Cal Poly Humboldt Study Suggests Wild Blueberries Help Burn Fat

The berries have long been hailed as a superfood—while they’re known for a plethora of health benefits, new research proves this superfruit could help burn fat during exercise.
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New study indicates wild blueberries improve brain’s processing speed

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – September 19, 2022 – In a research study where volunteer participants with cognitive issues consumed wild blueberries daily for six months, the ability of the participants’ brains to process information improved. The findings from this double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial have been published in Nutritional Neuroscience, an International Journal on Nutrition, Diet, and Nervous System.
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The Story of Wild Blueberries—10,000 Years in the Making

Wild blueberries are considered a wild, place-based food. Through a happy convergence of geography, climate and natural phenomena, they grow in Maine.

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New Research Indicates Daily Consumption of Wild Blueberries Improves Blood Pressure and Blood Vessel Function

A series of projects that involved researchers at eight universities focused on Wild Blueberries and their cardiovascular benefits.
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New Research Suggests Potential Role for Wild Blueberries In Promoting Wound Healing

New research, published in The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, reveals that the unique phenolic acids found in Wild Blueberries speed up the migration of cells that line our blood vessels.
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Did you know that incorporating a half cup of frozen Wild Blueberries into your diet each day may help you live longer? Recently, the TODAY Show featured three foods that may increase longevity; rye from Sweden, olives and olive oil from Cyprus, and our favorite superfruit, Wild Blueberries. 
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Wild Blueberry School Foodservice Program Expands

According to the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service sales data, the Commission’s national Wild Blueberry School Foodservice Program increased sales by 57 percent in 2017, expanding from 1.18 million pounds sold in 2016 to 2.78 million pounds sold in 2017.
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Can Flavonoids Affect Our Kids’ Brains?

New Study Links Flavonoid-Rich Wild Blueberry Consumption with Enhanced Executive Function in Youth
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Scientists to Gather in Bar Harbor for 20th Year 
of Wild Blueberry Health Research Summit

The research group is credited with two decades of scientific exploration, 
including breaking the antioxidant health story, and pioneering today’s phytochemical research
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