Coconut Blueberry Cream Cake

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Makes 12 slices

Coconut Blueberry Cream Cake Picture


For the crust:

40 g butter
4 eggs (M)
120 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar
80 g flour
60 g cornstarch
2 tsps. baking powder

For the Blueberry Filling:

6 pieces white gelatin
300 g wild blueberries (frozen)
1 jar (360 g) applesauce
50 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar

For the Cream:

6 pieces white gelatin
100 ml coconut milk (canned)
500 ml whipping cream
75 g sugar
2 tbs coconut syrup
75 g grated coconut

In addition:

200 ml whipping cream
1 package stabilizer
Grated coconut for decorating



  1. For the crust, melt butter and let cool. Whip eggs together with sugar and vanilla sugar until foamy. Mix flour with cornstarch and baking powder, and then quickly stir in. Finally mix in the butter.
  2. Put baking paper into a springform baking tin (26 cm diameter). Fill in half of the dough and bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees (Gas: level 2-3, circulating air oven: 160 degrees) for approximately 15-18 minutes. Carefully take the cake base out of the baking tin and bake a second cake base like the first. Let cool both of them.
  3. For the blueberry filling, let the gelatin soak in cold water for 5 minutes. Mix blueberries with applesauce, sugar and vanilla sugar and heat up. Let wet gelatin dissolve at middle heat. Add 2-3 table spoons of the blueberry-apple mixture and stir, then mix in the rest of the blueberry-apple mixture. Place in a cool place until the mass starts to jell.
  4. For the cream let gelatin soak in cold water for 5 minutes. Squeeze out gelatin and place in heated coconut milk until dissolved. Leave in a cool place until the coconut milk slightly starts to jell. Whip cream while adding sugar. Stir in jelled coconut milk together with the coconut syrup and put grated coconut underneath.
  5. Put one of the cake bases on a cake plate and close a cake ring around it. Spread the coconut cream on the cake base. Leave in a cool place until the cream is stiff. Thinly spread blueberry mass on the upper cake base and spread the rest of the blueberry mass on the coconut cream. Place upper cake base on top. Let cake chill 3-4 hours.
  6. Whip cream while adding stabilizer. Put 3-4 table spoons of the cream into an icing bag with a decorating tip. Carefully remove cake ring and spread cream along the sides of the cake. Decorate cake with cream dots and grated coconut.


Energy: 445 kcal / 1867 kJ

Protein: 6.5 g

Fat: 27.9 g

Carbohydrates: 42 g

Wild Blue is Good for You!