Wild Blueberries: Great for
School Nutrition
Perfect for Kids

Tell Us Your Wild Story

Let us promote your program, your staff, and your students by submitting your Wild story to us at [email protected].

Use #WildBb4School in your social media posts, and include us: @WildBBerries on Twitter and @WildBlueberries on Instagram and Facebook.

We are always looking for stories from districts using Wild Blueberries. Directors look for success stories such as yours to help overcome the intimidation of trying something new.

Here are some ideas to include:

Pick one, pick two, or pick none and just rave about your kids!!

What did your district do?

Added Wild Blueberries to the menu and the USDA order in 2018–19 — or did you switch from Highbush Blueberries to Wild?

How easy was it? What was the recipe for your succeess?

Recipes from the website? Calculator to estimate pounds required? Taste testing with students? Something else?

How does the district know it was successful?

Counts went up, plate waste went down? Students talked about the new item? Food cost was reduced? Menu variety increased? Something else?