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Wild Blueberries are available in virtually any format and make it easy for your customers to incorporate the wild ones into a broad range of food offerings.


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99% of the Wild Blueberry crop is individually quick frozen within 24 hours of harvest and is available year-round.

Freezing locks in the taste, nutrition and antioxidant power. A popular format for baked goods, smoothies, sauces and so much more. Wild Blueberries were born to be frozen, tasted and never wasted.


Wild Blueberries are available using a variety of drying processes to meet the desired moisture content, texture (crunchy to chewy), nutritional, phytonutrient and piece type (whole or pieces) needs of ingredient users.

Vacuum-microwave-dried, infused, freeze-dried and more. Dried Wild Blueberries are perfect additions to cereals, oatmeal, trail mixes, health bars, jerky, salads and a variety of snackable foods. They are also used in cheeses, yogurts, ice cream, confectionary products, baked goods and even pet foods.


Available in coarse or fine, Wild Blueberry powders are recognized for their naturally potent antioxidant capacity and phytonutrient values.

Powder is used in nutraceutical tablets and capsules, protein and smoothie drink mixes, functional foods and a variety of beverage applications.


Available at different brix levels and in different pack types to suit a customer’s product needs.

Used by bakeries for cookie and pastry fillings, by beverage producers for juices, drinks and smoothies, by dairy manufacturers for yogurts, ice cream, sorbets and frozen treats. Puree is often used for confections, sauces, salad dressings and jams.

Juice Concentrate:

Wild Blueberry concentrate can be tailored to meet the specific liquid concentrate and packaging needs of your customers.

With high brix levels, Wild Blueberry concentrate is a potent flavor and color enhancer as well as a natural sweetener that can replace sugar or corn syrup. It also enables products to be labeled as containing “real fruit juices” and helps them meet the latest fruit consumption recommendations with a popular Wild superfruit. Extremely versatile in a broad array of product applications to enhance flavor and Wild appeal.


Wild Blueberries canned in light syrup or water make for an extremely convenient and shelf stable format that is used as a topping over desserts, pancakes, breads and cereals or baked right in to muffins and more.

Many baking mix manufacturers package canned Wild Blueberries in with their products and benefit from the taste, health and whole Wild berry consumer appeal that Wild Blueberries contribute when called out on a package.


Wild Blueberries are available fresh during the harvest which takes place from late July through early September.

This special fresh format is typically only available within a few hundred miles of the fields where they are harvested so if customers want them it is important to order early or you’ll miss out.

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Wild Blueberry ingredient formats to meet the needs of your customers

Understanding the breadth of Wild Blueberry formats available allows customers to easily incorporate this popular superfruit into flavor extensions of existing lines while also making Wild Blueberries the right ingredient choice for a wide array of innovative new product and menu development initiatives.
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