There are two kinds of blueberries.
One can
change your brand.

The Power of Wild Blog

The idea of using food to improve personal health has fueled consumer interest in less processed, authentic food and has spurred the surge in food trends like organic, GMO-free, paleo and all-natural. The Power of Wild Blog is for the foodservice trade, consumer packaged goods product developers and brand managers who want to stay on top of the latest food trends, hear what other thought leaders are doing to increase profits and differentiate their products and menu offerings to meet the demands of today’s health conscious consumers. The Power of Wild bimonthly blog will keep you inspired. Sign up today!

These Plus-One Recipes Energize Base Preparations

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America When I was a kid, I loved my swiss army knife. I had the really thick one, the one with all of the neat tools, right down to the little white plastic toothpick. That knife came in handy so many times, and… Read More

Wild Blueberries: The Secret Sauce Boss

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America “Sauce is boss.” That phrase still rings in my head years after culinary school, where a particular instructor never let us forget that sauces are more than just complements to dishes – they are inseparable from them. Imagine eggs Benedict without buttery… Read More

Are Flavor and Taste the Same Thing? The Answer is Surprising

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America In the movie Ratatouille, cartoon chef August Gusto states: “Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell, there is excellence all around you, you only need be aware to stop and savor it.” Even though it’s a Disney… Read More

Have You Tried This Hot New Food Trend? Pickling & Fermenting Wild Blueberries

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America As a boy, I spent summers in the town of Southhold on the North Fork of Long Island. Those carefree days were filled with swimming, biking, and blueberries. Wild blueberry bushes were scattered throughout our property and neighborhood. I have vivid memories… Read More

Honey Bees on the Wild Blueberry Barrens—An Annual Pollination Story

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America The Running of the Bulls (July 7), the return of the Swallows to Central California (March 19), the opening of Copper River Salmon season (May 16), the release of the Beaujolais Nouveau (third Thursday in November). These dates are all celebrated around… Read More

Purple foods are trendy, and the reasons go way beyond beauty and complex flavor

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America It seems that everyone has an opinion on the connotations of color. Red is for passion, blue is for tranquility, yellow is for optimism. Think about it: Red and yellow are dominant colors in fast-food signage because passion relates to hunger and… Read More

Demand for Food Transparency is Growing, and Fast

Wild Blueberries can deliver on the trend. Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America Clean label product development and innovation is a growing practice area for CIA Consulting. While there is still no formal definition from the government, consumers don’t seem to mind creating their own. That’s how hot… Read More

Fresh vs Frozen? Getting to the bottom of an age-old debate.

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America As a culinary instructor, I have had many conversations over the years about fresh vs frozen produce. Most people are quick to assume that frozen produce is of lesser quality than fresh. It kinda makes sense that something fresh would be better… Read More

Top 5 Blogs On The Quest For Natural Ingredients

What’s driving today’s consumer preferences? The Power of Wild Blog is The Wild Blueberry Association of North America’s trade resource for professionals looking to stay dialed in to natural food trends. Discover what thought leaders are recommending to evolve products and menus to meet the demands of today’s health focused… Read More

What’s good for your body is good for your skin

In one of the most rural corners of America, Nancy Lowry is hard at work building a conscious company. Lowry calls herself a farmer, and as someone who lives and works on a 12-acre farm, she certainly qualifies. But she’s more than a farmer. She’s an entrepreneur who’s making a… Read More

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