There are two kinds of blueberries.
One can
change your brand.

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The idea of using food to improve personal health has fueled consumer interest in less processed, authentic food and has spurred the surge in food trends like organic, GMO-free, paleo and all-natural. The Power of Wild Blog is for the foodservice trade, consumer packaged goods product developers and brand managers who want to stay on top of the latest food trends, hear what other thought leaders are doing to increase profits and differentiate their products and menu offerings to meet the demands of today’s health conscious consumers. The Power of Wild bimonthly blog will keep you inspired. Sign up today!

Game Meats, such as Duck, are the Perfect Pairing with Wild Blueberries

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America Many cuisines around the world traditionally serve specific condiments and side dishes each time they eat certain foods. Indian food has Raita, a cool cucumber yogurt sauce that tames the spice and heat of curries and chutneys. Thai food has the ubiquitous… Read More

Why Wild Growing Conditions Contribute to the Best Tasting Food

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America The other day I ate the most extraordinary piece of salmon I have ever tasted.  It was farm-raised in Loch Duart in the wilderness of Sutherland, Scotland, one of the least populated places in Europe.  The people who farm these salmon say… Read More

Wild Foods Trend Gaining Traction with Restaurants and Packaged Food Companies

Food lovers across America are waking up to the resurgence of Wild Foods – a way of life and a way of eating that was celebrated a half-century ago by the late Euell Gibbons in his famous series of 1960s-era books (Stalking the Wild Asparagus, Stalking the Good Life, A Wild Way… Read More

Global Food Fusion Trend: Flavor Pairings with a Wild Twist

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America Whether you believe that mayonnaise was invented by the Spanish or French, I’m pretty sure the creators did not consider spicing it up with a little Southeast Asian pepper sauce. That said, Sriracha mayonnaise is one of the trendiest sandwich and dipping… Read More

Wild Carries Powerful Brand Cache with Customers according to Luke’s Lobster

Luke’s Lobster has thrived by stoking American appetites for the quintessential tastes of Maine in the nation’s hippest urban areas. With 21 locations, sales of $20.9 million in 2015, and a raft of praise from tastemakers like Zagat’s, The New York Times, and GQ, the chain of eateries has flourished since it debuted… Read More

Flavor Complexity Adds Value to Products: Wild Blueberries are Naturals

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America Think of your taste buds as thousands of switches that turn off or on every time you put something into your mouth. Every time they fire, they send a pattern of information to your brain to be processed, similar to a computer… Read More

Wild Blueberries: The Not-So-Secret Ingredient to One New York Restaurant’s Award Winning Pancakes

During the 12 summers she spent as a camper, then counselor, in Maine’s Belgrade Lakes region, DeDe Lahman became enthralled by Wild Blueberries. “We picked them wild, ate blueberry ice cream, visited Blueberry Hill (in Rome, Maine) on days off, and just enjoyed all things Wild Blueberry,” she recalls. So… Read More

Commanding a Premium Price: The Secret of Smart Food Brands

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America What’s in a name? Oftentimes, profit. Why else would companies everywhere pour so much time and treasure into building the brands behind their products? No matter that these products range from gourmet food (Beluga Caviar) to the experiential (Las Vegas, baby!), the… Read More

At Maple Hill Creamery & Organic Valley, Wild Blueberries + Grass-Fed Yogurt = a Perfect Pair

When Maple Hill Creamery debuted its line of 100% Grass Fed Cream on Top Yogurts in 2010, Wild Blueberries emerged as an obvious choice for the flavor lineup, along with plain, vanilla, maple, lemon, and orange creme varieties. Having enjoyed the intense flavor of Wild Blueberries fresh from the field and prepared… Read More

Flavor Packed Wild Blueberries Make Good Medicine

8 Health Benefits Wild Blueberries Can Add to Your Products Americans are hungrier than ever for foods that will help them heal, live longer, and stave off disease, weight gain, and the insults of aging.  In fact, Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability consumers (LOHAS) represent a $290 billion dollar market. Wild… Read More

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