There are two kinds of blueberries.
One can
change your brand.

The Power of Wild Blog

The idea of using food to improve personal health has fueled consumer interest in less processed, authentic food and has spurred the surge in food trends like organic, GMO-free, paleo and all-natural. The Power of Wild Blog is for the foodservice trade, consumer packaged goods product developers and brand managers who want to stay on top of the latest food trends, hear what other thought leaders are doing to increase profits and differentiate their products and menu offerings to meet the demands of today’s health conscious consumers. The Power of Wild bimonthly blog will keep you inspired. Sign up today!

Don’t Ignore the Power of Superfoods for your Menu

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America I totally get the new menu labeling laws – really, I do. But what I would really like a menu or product to tell me is what I should eat to boost my energy, stimulate my brain, help my aging skin cells,… Read More

“Breakfast All Day” and Trending Flavors Fuel Smoothie and Lifestyle Bar Categories

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America Americans are opportunistic eaters. Rather than sitting at a table for three proper meals a day, we tend to graze our way through the day with little consideration to whether what we are eating is a meal or a snack. Because of… Read More

Flavor is the Superhero and Remains Top Reason Why Consumers Purchase Food

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America Wow! Pop! Snap! Pow! Ka-Boom! Sounds like the conversation bubble from a superhero comic book, right? Yet, I am referring to the excitement generated by even the smallest addition of certain ingredients that can awaken the senses and make a mundane dish… Read More

On Earth Day, we look at the food we eat through the lens of water usage

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America How many gallons of water does it take to produce a pound of food? The answers will amaze you. Back To Second Grade. Do you remember studying clouds in elementary school? Teachers loved showing us those charts of water evaporating from the… Read More

Is Wild the Next Hot Food Trend?

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America One chef’s obsession over what comes next…. Local. Artisanal. Paleo. Sustainable. Superfood. Healthy. Wild. Bacon. Simple, yet powerful words that generate millions of dollars in the food industry each year. And, depending on which talking head, menu, or product is getting your… Read More

Is Your Menu Relevant?

How Panera Bread is staying on top of – and helping to set – national food trends Interview with Panera Bread® Head Baker Tom Gumpel Tom Gumpel gets up every morning eager to fulfill a quest. As head baker at Panera Bread, Gumpel’s passion is not only to search the planet… Read More

The secret to creating best-selling menu items in a real foods world

Interview with Panera Bread® Head Baker Tom Gumpel In a recent interview at Panera Bread in downtown Chicago, Head Baker Tom Gumpel told the powerful tale of his Wild Blueberry Scone. The simple, baked breakfast scone has become a constant on the Panera menu. “We rotate flavors out seasonally,” explains… Read More

Storytelling with a Wild Edge, A National Food Phenomenon

Editorial consulting by the Culinary Institute of America For about seven years, I worked as a private chef for some of New York City’s most elite while they escaped the rush and fury of the city on the weekends to the sandy shores off Fire Island. I lived on the… Read More

What’s the secret to creating a #1 selling jam?

Michele Cole’s history with Stonewall Kitchen reaches back to the early days, when two young entrepreneurs named Jonathan King and Jim Stott had the bold idea to launch a specialty food business in Maine after creating their famous Wild Maine Blueberry Jam. For King and Stott, the early 1990’s was… Read More

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