There are two kinds of blueberries.
One can
change your brand.

Consumers Prefer Ice Cream Made With Wild Blueberries

Going Wild Has Its Advantages

If ice cream sales are important to your business, consider a Wild ingredient that will give you more of what your consumers are looking for… and a competitive new advantage for your brand.

A Taste of the Power of Wild Report Results:

Wild Blueberries vs. Cultivated

The following is a snapshot of ice cream category results from the Power of Wild Research that show the advantages of choosing the right type of blueberry.


60% of all consumers say ice cream tastes better when made with Wild Blueberries.


54% of all consumers say ice cream would increase health benefits when made with Wild Blueberries.


71% of LOHAS consumers say ice cream supports sustainability better when made with Wild Blueberries.

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Whether on a menu or in a grocery store, people who purchase ice cream prefer Wild Blueberries vs. ordinary blueberries in every dimension tested. For more ice cream/frozen yogurt results and consumer attitudes around the Power of Wild and how choosing Wild Blueberries vs. regular blueberries can impact purchase intent, purchase volume, securing a price premium and more download the full Power of Wild Research Report which includes quantitative consumer findings on 16 different food service and packaged goods categories.

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