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Five Wild Blueberry Date Night Desserts to Try this Valentine’s Day

Planning on staying in to enjoy a delicious dinner with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day? Whoever your Valentine may be this year, mom or dad, your significant other, or your best Galentine, they’ll be excited to enjoy the mouthwatering, wild blueberry dessert line-up you’ve added to the menu. Whether you plan on baking with friends and family, or you prefer to bake solo, these wild blueberry desserts have a whole lot of heart-healthy, wild blue goodness. With 33% more anthocyanins, 2x the antioxidants, and 72% more fiber than ordinary blueberries, incorporating wild blueberries will show your Valentine how much you care.

Eat Your Heart Out This Valentine’s Day

Mini Wild Blueberry Cakes With Vanilla Icing: These Mini Wild Blueberry Cakes are the perfect bite sized desserts to share during your date night. Top off the recipe by drizzling warm vanilla frosting over them as the final touch.

Paleo Wild Blueberry Chocolate Macaroons: If you’re on the paleo train, but are looking for a dessert that still satisfies your sweet tooth, look no further. Covered in dark chocolate and baked to perfection, these Paleo Wild Blueberry Chocolate Macaroons will melt your heart and simultaneously melt in your mouth! It’s the perfect serving of sweet and salty in one scrumptious bite.

Naturally Colored Wild Blueberry Buttercream Frosting: Whip up some Naturally Colored Wild Blueberry Buttercream Frosting from scratch. Made fresh, this frosting recipe is the perfect pairing to your favorite cake (or cupcake) mix!

Wild Blueberry Fool: Don’t be misled by the title – you’re definitely not a fool for choosing this Valentine’s treat. Keep it sweet and simple with this Wild Blueberry Fool – a yogurt-based dessert recipe that delivers intense flavor with a little bit of wild blueberry decadence.

Gluten Free Wild Blueberry Cheesecake Bars: If baking a whole cake seems like too much, try making these Gluten Free Wild Blueberry Cheesecake Bars which can be divided into the perfect individual serving size. Covered with tons of juicy wild blueberries, these bars are packed with plenty of nutrients and flavor.

Planning to whip up some of these special treats for your Valentine? We want to see what desserts you enjoyed during your special evening. Take a picture, post on social media, and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so we can see your wild Valentine’s Day treats.

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