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Food For Your Whole Life Health Symposium Spreads Nutritional Love in NYC

Elizabeth Jarrard has blogged comprehensively at her blog Don’t (White) Sugar Coat It about her experience in New York City at the Food For Your Whole Life Symposium. She’s a healthy eating enthusiast who blogs about fruits and veggies, vegan eating, and all things that enhance your health and your life.

The Symposium was held this past weekend and was open to industry professionals, media, and the public, and the focus was on the latest information and research surrounding nutritional themes such as plant-based nutrition, and making healthy food more accessible. Featured presentations included those from the popular scrub-clad health guru Dr. Mehmet Oz, renowned nutrition authority Dr. David Katz, and YOU: On a Diet co-author Dr. Michael Roizen. Topics ranged from belly fat, to childhood nutrition and genetics.

You can check out Jarrard’s updates, or visit the Walnut Council website – they’ll be posting the conference streams and summaries in full sometime this week. You can also find recaps on A Fete for Food, Green Grapes Blog, Healthy Blog Snack, and Eat Well With Janel. Thanks Elizabeth & all!

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