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Toddler Approved: Healthy Wild Blueberry Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Toddlers can be notoriously finicky when it comes to food – especially when the offending item is (gasp) a vegetable. So to keep your kiddos (or other picky eaters) healthy and strong, take a page out of the book of these super smart mommy bloggers who created toddler-approved Wild Blueberry recipes with all kinds of extra nutrients.

Vanessa of www.heyladygrey.com created these delicious Wild Blueberry Muffins for her 13.5-month old son when he suddenly started refusing protein and veggies. She used the intense, delicious flavor (and 2x the antioxidant power) of Wild Blueberries to hide the protein (almonds) and veggies (carrots and zucchini) that her son was so finicky about. Her little trick worked like a charm and her cute-as-can-be toddler can’t get enough of them!

Check out her recipe here: http://www.heyladygrey.com/2014/01/in-kitchen-toddler-muffins-healthy.html

Allison of www.onesmileymonkey.com used a similar approach to get her toddler to try out some dark leafy greens. Instead of muffins, Allison mixed together a yummy Wild Blueberry Smoothie with milk, banana, cocoa powder, chia seeds, protein powder and, you guessed it – spinach! Since the Wild Blueberry flavor is so deliciously intense, you can’t even taste the spinach, chia seeds or protein powder. And the dark color of the wild blues disguises any trace of green color that might tip your toddler off to the hidden veggies. The antioxidants in the Wild Blueberries add an extra nutritional punch, making this smoothie about as nutritious as it is delicious.

Try Allison’s recipe here: http://www.onesmileymonkey.com/recipes-2/toddler-approved-blueberryspinach-smoothie-recipe/

Do you have a Wild Blueberry recipe your kiddos love? Share it with us on Facebook, or send us a link to your blog. You can also browse through dozens more healthy Wild Blueberry recipes by visiting www.wildblueberries.com/recipes.

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