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Vegan Wild Blueberry Donut Holes with Wild Blueberry Glaze

Ever since my trip to Maine trip, I’ve literally only bought frozen “Wild” Blueberries instead of fresh cultivated blueberries – and that says a lot. In fact, my visit to the Wild Blueberry barrens inspired me to start creating some amazing Wild Blueberry recipes. This one for Vegan Wild Blueberry Donut Holes with Wild Blueberry Glaze is becoming one of my fall favorites. These donut holes have a hint of vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon. They bake up fluffy and snackable!


So, let’s crank up the oven and make some warm and fluffy donut holes. These Glazed Wild Blueberry Muffin Donut Holes are so tasty! They are perfect paired with a pumpkin latte or mint matcha latte or even a warming mug of herbal tea. They bake up super fluffy and rich, with loads of healthy ingredients like banana, nuts, flax, oat flour and of course Wild Blueberries. The glaze is optional but it does add more color, flavor and fun.

Wild Blueberry Nutrition. I spoke a lot about the health benefits of Wild Blueberries in my blogger travel post, but here are some of my favorite fun facts about their nutrition properties and heritage.

* Antioxidants. Wild Blueberries contain two times the antioxidants of regular (cultivated) blueberries. And all the healthy stuff is in the skin. Wild blueberries have more skin and less water than cultivated blueberries, which means more antioxidant-rich pigment.

* Natural. Wild blueberries have never been modified by man to enhance or alter their naturally occurring characteristics.

* Grown in One Special Place on Earth! Wild blueberries are commercially harvested in only one part of the world: Maine, eastern Canada and Quebec. In fact, these special plants thrive under extreme conditions (rocky soil and ice cold winters), and they actually build up healthy phytonutrients by surviving these harsh growing conditions.

* Very Low or No Pesticides. Wild blueberries have on average, 80% less pesticide use than cultivated blueberries. So basically, if you are not buying organic, you should definitely consider trying frozen Wild Blueberries. I always choose organic when I can, but seriously, I don’t stress too much about it with Wild Blueberries.


Some of my favorite places to buy Wild Blueberries. Whole Foods 365 brand of Organic Wild Blueberries and at Costco you can buy giant bags of Wyman’s Wild Blueberries! You can also find Wyman’s frozen fresh Wild Blueberries in a bunch of smaller stores both natural and niche and more mainstream.

The next time you’re shopping, I hope you’ll check out the frozen aisle and see if you can find Wild Blueberries. They are amazing little gems and they are really different from the regular blueberries you find in the produce section of the store. I used to think that the only difference between the Wild Blueberry and regular blueberries was the size and color. It’s true that Wild Blueberries are smaller and have a deeper blue color but they also have a bolder flavor, which I adore, and 2x the antioxidant capacity of regular blueberries, providing more of what it takes to combat disease and promote healthy aging.


Every time I eat Wild Blueberries I am now reminded of those crystal clear waters and beautiful coastal shores, fresh air and tall trees of Bar Harbor Maine. Knowing where your food comes from is so important. And these berries come from some gorgeous natural land.

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