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Spooky Wild Blueberry Boo-Berry Snack Balls

If you’re a parent, you know that the scariest thing about Halloween is usually the mountain of candy your kids bring home after trick-or-treating. So why not ease up on sweets in the days leading up to the big event? One way to do that: Opt for healthier treats that you can bring to kids’ Halloween parties.


These Spooky Wild Blueberry Boo-Berry Snack Balls would make fun finger food for partygoers. They’re made with wholesome, filling ingredients like fruit, oats, and nuts (so always be aware of any nut allergies among your guests before serving them). They get most of their sweetness from fruit, both dates and frozen Wild Blueberries, with just a bit of honey added.

And of course they get their deep blue-purple hue from Wild Blueberries, which are more intensely colored than regular high-bush blueberries. That dark blue pigment is also why Wild Blueberries pack double the antioxidants.


A food processor makes quick work of these snack balls, and once you’ve rolled them in coconut, add a pair of candy eyeballs for a silly touch that will make kids giggle. (You can find candy eyeballs at a craft supply store.)

I hope your little hobgoblins enjoy these sweet and spooky snack balls!

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