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Wild Blueberry Graham Coconut Milk Ice Cream

After a winter that felt like it would last forever, summer is finally here. The temps are skyrocketing, the farmers markets are in full-force, and the lines at the ice cream shops are wrapped around the store fronts. I think because winter felt extra long this year, I was that much more eager to dive into summer traditions right away. As quickly as you could say “Memorial Day,” I was already grilling burgers and veggies and running straight to the local ice cream shop.

The thing about ice cream is that as much as I love its creamy, rich goodness, it (unfortunately) doesn’t love me back. As someone who is lactose intolerant, I never feel great after eating ice cream and as an intuitive eating dietitian, I’m always encouraging clients to listen to their bodies to notice how different foods make them feel. Will I ever give up ice cream completely? Of course not. But I will be mindful of how I want to feel afterwards and may opt for a dairy-free alternative instead.

Luckily, it’s so incredibly easy to make dairy-free ice cream at home. All you need is a blender and a freezer safe container (and ideally an ice cream maker/churner, but it’s not necessary). I personally like to use canned coconut milk as my base for non-dairy ice cream because its fat content gives the final product that rich, creamy consistency we all desire, but other non-dairy milks like almond milk or cashew milk, work too.

To make your ice cream treat even more satisfying, add some fruit to boost the flavor (and the nutrition!). Frozen Wild Blueberries are the perfect add-in for homemade ice cream because you can always keep it stocked in your freezer for when that ice cream craving arises – no need to worry about the fruit going bad! And with 2X the antioxidants and 72 percent more fiber of regular cultivated blueberries, Wild Blueberries can add a healthful punch to your ice cream.

If you’re like me and ready to skip the long ice cream stand lines this summer, try my latest recipe for Wild Blueberry Graham Coconut Milk Ice Cream. It’s sweet, creamy and full of flavor thanks to the Wild Blueberries, and has a satisfying crunch from the crushed graham crackers.

Happy Summer – enjoy the season of sunshine and ice cream!

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