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Fruit Inspired International Fare

Colorful Plates for Every Meal of the Day

We are deep in the mid-winter doldrums and it’s the perfect time to check in on your nutrition.

Are you meeting your serving requirements for fruits and vegetables?

Have you been relying on a fruit cup as an afterthought to accompany a meal in an effort to meet your servings?

Worse yet, have you been thinking of blueberries and other fruits as simply a garnish rather than a valuable featured ingredient in your meals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to jolt your thinking from same-old to colorful-new.

We’ve highlighted the unusual and the exotic in recipes that take their inspiration from all over the globe to create nutritious and indulgent meals with an international twist. These recipes, some of which are new arrivals to WildBlueberries.com (recipe-central for unique, nutritious mealtime ideas), will jump start your mid-winter cooking ennui. They feature the powerfully antioxidant-rich wild blueberries (in addition to some other fruits and vegetables) in a way that showcases their versatility, color and palatability.

Starting with an all-American breakfast and ending with a captivating dessert from a country known for its extraordinary cuisine, we’ve constructed the ideal day of international wonders on a plate. All dishes are easy to make and feature real food, along with some underappreciated tastes. Of course, this is just and example of how you can infuse your meals with a little dynamism – search through other wild blueberry recipes by meal and occasion and fill your days with intercontinental delish.

Have a delicious trip!

Breakfast:  Sweet Wild Blueberry Omelet Rolls

Start the day in the States! This is not your grandmother’s egg dish, but they are still quintessentially American. Farm-fresh eggs and wild blueberries from a Maine or Canadian barren come together to appeal to your early AM sweet tooth. It’s a unique take on a breakfast roll-up that gets your day going with a serving of fruit right from the starting line.

Lunch: Mini-Naans with Wild Blueberry Pear Marmalade

We love this Indian-inspired dish: Low-fat yogurt and a colorful pear and wild blueberry marmalade makes a wonderful light lunch or snack (perfect to follow a breakfast of satisfying omelet rolls) in conjunction with homemade min-naans (made ahead – there will be rising). It’s a perfectly on-trend dish, as naan is a popular side or pizza foundation for those who love it and want to save calories (they can run under 100, depending on the size).

Snack: Kumara Crisps with Wild Blueberry Vanilla Chili Marmalade

Discover New Zealand’s sweet potato – a bright yellow gem from down under, it is known to be rich in antioxidants and high in vitamins, and it provides a nutritionally-rich snack in salads and as a side. This unique recipe, which requires peeling, slicing and frying (or baking), satisfies a need for chips in a delicious new way, especially when paired with a yogurt-based dip.

Salad: Quinoa Salad with Wild Blueberries

Quinoa, with its South American origins, is the food of the moment, lauded for its nutritive value. It enlivens this salad recipe which ends in an geographically eclectic mash-up thanks to the inclusion of zucchini and complement of Havarti and baguette. Say si, oui or you betcha to this healthy, hearty, veggie-rich salad with a zing of blue.

Dinner: Tandoori Chicken Sticks with Wild Blueberry Fig Sauce

Figs get there due in this light-fare recipe and make an ideal fruit combo in a dish that takes us East. This is an easy, low-fat entrée that wakes up dull chicken by skewering and bathing it in healthy, vibrant fruit.

Beverage: Wild Blueberry Caipirinha

Looking for a Brazilian kick? Look no further than a Wild Blueberry Caipirinh. Leveraging the health benefits of wild blueberry juice (not to mention the taste) with the exotic cachaça, a Brazilian liquor popular in tropical drinks, this cocktail is a fun, colorful way to start a special meal. At 180 calories, it’s a special addition to a diet built on moderation, not deprivation. 

Dessert: Wild Blueberry Mascarpone Semifreddo

For dessert, head to Italy with a gorgeous, indulgent semifreddo awash in bright color. With a hint of chocolate, a generous helping of marscapone, and garnished with pistachios, wild blueberries and mint, this dessert takes fruit to a whole new level of amazing.  What a way to kick off a color-inspired, transnational meal!

Find more recipes for breakfast, snacks, entrées, drinks and desserts that include wild blues and array of colorful fruits and ingredients.

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