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July 4th: Big Day for a Small Berry

Awesome Fruit Flag by Randy Son Of Robert, on Flickr

Wild blueberries and the 4th of July – few other foods do such heavy lifting when we’re feeling patriotic. This deeply loved fruit is bursting with healthful antioxidants that have dominated the news for their role in preventing cognitive decline, and even more recently, their potential to lower cholesterol. But the best thing about wild blueberries, at least on the 4th, is the ingenious and multifaceted role they play in representing one of the three colors of the Stars and Stripes. Betsy Ross had no idea when she picked up a needle that she was giving rise to this exquisite rendering of Old Glory from Hostess (with the Mostess). From patriotic cupcakes to tantalizing salad, salsa and pie, wild blueberries are in glorious use all around the country this week. 

Inspired kitchenistas know to use wild – they are small but they are formidable, with extraordinary benefits that can carry the day. Their smaller size means more berries in every bite, less water content, and heightened nutritive benefits. As if we needed another reason to be grateful for this near-perfect fruit.              

What a big moment for such a small berry! Happy 4th of July – enjoy!

Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  Randy Son Of Robert  

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