There are two kinds of blueberries.
One can
change your brand.

Research Shows Wild Blueberries Can Increase Your Sales.

Including Wild Blueberries:

  • Increases purchase intent
  • Increases purchase volume
  • Increases price premium

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Consumers reported that they were more likely to buy, buy more, & pay more

for wild blueberry products vs those with ordinary blueberries:

  • Higher Purchase Likelihood: Up to 69% more likely to buy
  • Greater Purchase Volume: Up to 73% would buy more
  • Price Premium: Up to 64% would pay more

See what top food marketers & trend watchers say about the power of Wild Blueberries.

Wild blueberries improved taste, health, and sustainability perceptions

over ordinary blueberries in every category tested.

There’s a growing buzz about real foods that are as ‘nature intended.’ Unaltered ingredients enhance product appeal and help food formulators and brand managers connect brands to the ‘Real Food’ movement sweeping America.

Wild Blueberries In Forms To Meet Your Needs!

Wholesale wild blueberries are available in bulk year-round in virtually any format you need including; frozen fresh, individually quick frozen (IQF), freeze dried, dehydrated, sugar infused, canned, concentrate, puree, powder, and extract. Fresh wild blueberries are available August through September. New and innovative forms are continually emerging as part of the industry’s ongoing R&D efforts. Contact a Wild blueberry supplier in the U.S or Canada today!

“Local and organic are hot, but Wild is uniquely hot because there are not a lot of ingredients that can claim that.”

Tom Gumpel, Head Baker, Panera Bread

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