‘Tis the Season to Win Big with Wild Blueberries


4 Easy Ways to Win

Holidays are the exquisite season of giving. We give to the special people in our lives, we give to strangers and families in need, we give to our favorite charities and causes, we cook, we throw parties, we clean, we give endlessly of ourselves. But what about giving to ourselves?

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In the midst of all the holiday racing around, we often neglect our own health and our own peace of mind. Well, we’re here to remind you that the holidays are only a joy if you have the presence of mind to truly relish in them. So in the spirit of taking care of ourselves, we have partnered with our favorite Nutrition Twins® – Tammy Lakatos Shames & Lyssie Lakatos – nationally recognized registered dietitians, personal trainers, and, yes, twin sisters, for our Run Wild and Win Big with Wild Blueberries Sweepstakes which starts on December 1st.


We know you’re going to love meeting the Twins. During the contest, they’ll share essential Holiday Survival Tips and Recipes that will nurture our bodies and minds right through the holidays.

So before you start the race to the holiday finish line, mark your calendar for the first day to enter our exciting Run Wild and Win Big with Wild Blueberries Sweepstakes. The contest runs from December 1st to December 17th.

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Entering is easy! On Monday December 1st, go to the Wild Blueberries Facbeook page, and click on the contest link. Everyone who enters will receive our Run Wild Holiday Recipe eBook featuring delicious Recipes and Holiday Survival Tips from the Nutrition Twins. And we mentioned Winning Big – there are daily prizes, two weekly prizes, and a Grand Prize that’s all about you. Take a look….

  • During the first week we’ll give away 20 Wild Blueberry Infuser Water Bottles every day!



  • On Friday December 5th, we’ll give away a Vitamix Blender, so you can get started creating your own delicious and healthy smoothies, soups, salad dressings and sauces.



  • The second week we’re giving away a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. A baker’s dream!



  • And the Grand Prize includes two personal nutritional Skype sessions with the Nutrition Twins, where they will evaluate your health and design a custom nutrition plan especially for you. PLUS, a $500 gift certificate to Whole Foods so you can revamp your pantry just in time for the holidays.


This contest runs for only a short time, so don’t miss out! And remember don’t let all the running around run you down this holiday season. Celebrate the smart way with Wild Blueberries. For more great recipes featuring Wild Blueberries visit: www.wildblueberries.com/recipes.

41 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to Win Big with Wild Blueberries


    Please enter me in your contest!! Been a blueberry afficiendo since an infant.. love blueberries.. when i was an infant my Mom made blueberry pie filling,, sat me down in high chair,putting some in a dish for me to eat in a newly designed kitchen with fresh wallpaper. I picked up dish and smashed against the fresh wall paper..what a brat i was!! Mom had to change wallpaper,.. from that point in life i’ve been the blueberry queen! Eat blueberries daily and incorporate into my cuisine! “Cheers to the wonder of our beloved Blueberry”

  2. Sarah Daigle

    Thank you for this sweepstakes! Would be elated if I won a Vitamix 🙂 Ah bummer; just saw that you have to be a FB member to enter :/ Is there any way for non-FB people to have a chance?

  3. Jackie

    I live in Georgia and have 2 blueberry bushes in my yard that ive me the most incredible blueberries for about a month in the summer. I love blueberries!!!

  4. Shelley Goldberg

    I could eat blueberries for every meal, every day, for the rest of my life. Those and white truffles!

  5. Cheryl

    Just received your email about this contest. I see that the Vita Mix contest ended on Dec. 5th. I would have loved to have tested, tried and blogged about any and all of these prizes! Hope you have another contest again soon. “Thu, Dec 11, 2014 7:49 am” “Win A KitchenAid Mixer & MUCH More!, A 5-Minute Breakfast Cookie, Easy At-Home Exercises To Tighten Abs & Arms!”
    From The Nutrition Twins info@nutritiontwins.com

  6. Judy Moulton

    Not everyone has Facebook accounts! My husband’s job prevents me from having a Facebook account. You should have an alternative means of registering for the contest

  7. jennier luther

    My husband will totally love these blueberry breakfast cookies, thank you for a deceivingly delicious breakfast idea.

  8. Wild Blueberries Post author

    Unfortunately this contest is just for our Facebook fans, but we host all kinds of contests throughout the year so stay tuned 🙂

  9. Wild Blueberries Post author

    Hi Cheryl, that email came from our partners the Nutrition Twins….the contest was still live at the time they sent it, but we had already picked the first weekly winner for the Vitamix. Definitely keep checking in on the page though, we host contests all the time!!

  10. Wild Blueberries Post author

    Hi Sarah, this giveaway was just for our Facebook fans – but stay tuned, we host all kinds of giveaways on Facebook as well as our other social media platforms 🙂

  11. Wild Blueberries Post author

    Hi Judy, this past contest was just for our Facebook fans, but we also host contests on our other social platforms (Instagram and Twitter) occasionally as well. Keep checking in, we do giveaways frequently!

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