August is Fresh Maine Wild Blueberry Season.

Grab ‘em before they’re gone.

Harvested from the barrens of Maine, Wild Blueberries can be enjoyed fresh for a one-month window in August.

Maine Wild Blueberries are one of only three native fruits to North America, growing where Mother Nature put them more than 10,000 years ago—in the cold, harsh barrens of Downeast Maine. For generations, Maine families nurture these wild berries that boast an intense blueberry taste; ranging from tangy tartness to succulent sweetness. Ordinary blueberries just can’t give you the same kind of yum.

When buying blueberries, make sure to look for the little ones that pack a ton of taste.

Go See Where They Grow!

It’s pretty wild, but you can actually visit the barrens in Maine and buy direct from local growers. Seeing the land, meeting the caretakers — it only adds to the sense of wonder Maine Wild Blueberries give to all who love them. Just be sure to call ahead first, please.

Click on the map to find a local grower to visit!

Where to Buy—Find Your Perfect Summer Surprise

Can’t visit a local grower in Maine? Find Fresh Maine Wild Blueberries at farmer’s markets or select grocery stores from Maine to New York in the produce section. Fresh Maine Wild Blueberries are only around for a short time (though you can always get them frozen all year round!)

Nutritious and delicious, get ‘em now before they’re all gone.

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The Tastiest Brain Food You’ll Ever Eat (or Sip)

Loaded with 2x the antioxidants and 33% more brain-healthy anthocyanins of ordinary blueberries, Wild Maine Blueberries are good for you and a great treat all through the day. Just a scoop in yogurt, smoothies, pies, cocktails, or simply popping a handful of them in your mouth, will give your body and brain a pretty perfect little boost.

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Fresh from the Wild

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