There are two kinds of blueberries.
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Brands Are Going Wild for Wild Blueberries!

Discerning chefs, bakers and food professionals who use blueberries choose wild blueberries for their superior, potent blueberry taste—and their sweet, tiny size. Smaller wild blueberries are more compact and less watery than ordinary blueberries, and their tiny size means more than double the whole berries in every pound for better looking finished products. Unlike ordinary blueberries, wild blueberries better maintain their shape, deep blue color and intense blueberry taste throughout cooking, baking and a wide variety of manufacturing processes.

WILD BLUEBERRY SUPPLIERS from the U.S. are listed on our website. You can also check with your local broker or distributor. Remember, all blueberries are not alike! Choose the wild ones, and get more of the premium wild advantages you need to meet today’s demand for tasty and healthy products.

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The Wild Antioxidant Superfruit

Wild blueberries are the #1 blueberry ingredient choice around the world, thanks to their many premium advantages. From better taste and performance to superior antioxidant capacity to natural “wild” appeal, there are many reasons food folks are going Wild.

See what top chefs from across the country have to say about the “Power of Wild”


Chefs know the value of a distinctive, premium ingredient like wild blueberries. Whether it’s creating new signature dishes or developing menu items with healthier properties, foodservice pros appreciate the versatility, color, taste, ease of handling and healthy aura that wild blueberries bring to the table.  Check out our Recipes section for new ways to serve wild blueberries.

Many food service professionals are not aware that frozen wild blueberries deliver 25% more servings per pound than frozen ordinary blueberries.* So you not only get more berries in every cup, you get more cups in every case!

Wild has 25% more servings

per 30 pound case*

*Source : 2016 USDA Food Buying Guide Additional Yield Information for School Meals

Food As Purchased, APPurchase UnitServings Per Purchase Unit, EPServing Size per Meal ContributionPurchase Units for 100 Servings
Blueberries, Wild Frozenlb.15¼ cup6.7 lbs.
Blueberries, Frozenlb.11.9¼ cup8.5 lbs

Watch the video to learn why wild blueberries are culinary stars.


With their reputation as the antioxidant superfruit, wild blueberries are turning up in products of all kinds. From cereals and muffin mixes to jams and jellies, from teas and juices to yogurt, smoothies and ice cream, wild blueberry is an ingredient that adds taste, color and extra-healthy appeal. Learn more about the wide range of forms, from powders and extracts to IQF frozen, available for your products.


Wild blueberries have an intense flavor and juicy texture that bakers prefer. Smaller and more compact than larger, cultivated blueberries, the wild ones hold their shape, color and flavor, while keeping baked products moist. Wild blueberries freeze perfectly, with quality and nutritional value intact. Plus, with twice as many berries per pound than larger cultivated blueberries, you get more berries in every muffin, pie, cake or bagel.

Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods

The combination of more antioxidant capacity and authentic naturality makes wild blueberries the ideal functional food ingredient. Whether it’s defending against heart disease and cancer, promoting brain health, or reducing diabetes risk, wild blueberries deliver a health halo recognized worldwide.

Watch this video to learn more about these little blue Health Heroes:

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