There are two kinds of blueberries.
One can
change your brand.

The Wild Supermarket Superfruit!

Wild blueberries are superstars within the frozen-fruit segment of the retail marketplace. As demand for wild blueberries has soared, more and more major food shopping outlets are stocking premium frozen fresh wild blueberries in convenient consumer packages year-round.

Just as nutritious as fresh!

The FDA has determined that frozen fruits and vegetables are just as healthy as fresh and may even retain their nutritional value longer—making frozen fresh wild blueberries a convenient choice for health-conscious shoppers.  In fact, wild blueberries have more of what shoppers love about blueberries.

Go Wild in the Freezer Case

Stock the better blueberry in your supermarket frozen fruit section—frozen fresh wild blueberries: frozen at the peak of antioxidant power. To Go Wild, contact our U.S. Suppliers and Canadian Suppliers.

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