Wild Blueberries in the News

How To Spend A Long Weekend in Maine

The Pine Tree State lives up to its name with lush, dense forests, peaks for days, a glittering coastline, and the freshest seafood. Here’s what to eat if you find yourself in Maine.

Keeping it Wild for Wild Blueberry Weekend in Maine

For Wild Blueberry Weekend, multiple farmers were on hand to demonstrate raking practices and teach about harvesting practices, including Ashley Fields of Fields Fields Blueberries in Dresden, and the Dores of Slow Rise Farm in Pittston.

Maine Businesses Highlight Wild Blueberry Harvest, Products in 2nd Annual Celebration

More than 50 Maine restaurants, farms and other businesses will throw open their gates to teach visitors how to grow, harvest and make food with wild blueberries.

Maine Farmers Welcome Wild Blueberry Weekend in August

The 2nd annual Wild Blueberry Weekend will draw visitors to 14 of the state’s 480 growers.

A Blueberry Festival in Maine, River Fests in Vermont and New Hampshire, and Stories for the Road

More than a dozen farms will be open throughout the state offering a large variety of fun experiences.

The 11 Best Anti-Inflammatory Frozen Foods, According to Dietitians

Amy Gorin, RDN, a plant-based registered dietitian, puts wild blueberries on the list of frozen foods everyone should have in their freezer because of their brain health benefits.

The #1 Best Snack to Keep your Brain Sharp, Say Dietitians

Kitty Broihier, RD, nutrition advisor for the Wild Blueberry Association of North America, says wild blueberries, in particular, may help improve memory and executive function.

Maine’s wild blueberry crop rebounded last year and is poised for another bountiful season

Maine blueberry growers had a bounce-back year with a 2021 harvest of 105 million pounds.

Instacart Shares Most Uniquely Popular Pie in Each State for Pi Day

Wild blueberry pie is Maine’s favorite pie but also the choice of neighboring Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

20 Foods That Give You All-Day Energy

Amy Gorin, RDN, a plant-based registered dietitian, lists wild blueberries as an energy boosting food.

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