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Smoothies Gone WILD with Nutrition

Join @NutriBulletUNI and @WildBBerries for a #WildYourSmoothie Twitter Chat on Wed Aug 3 at 11am PDT/2pm EDT

Smoothie-making was once viewed as a habit of the health and fitness crowd, but today they’ve become a central part of the American diet. Their portability makes them the perfect nutrition-packed snack or meal replacement for on-the-go lifestyles. Smoothies also make a great breakfast or post workout snack – even dessert – and they come in so many combinations they can win over the pickiest of eaters.

Smoothies GoneWILD with Nutrition (1)

Making a great smoothie means having all the right ingredients and tools on hand to deliver ultimate taste and nutrition! That’s why the Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA) and NutriBullet University – a hands on Education & Healthy Eating Experience for Students with NutriBullet, the World’s Original Nutrient Extractor, have teamed up for this LIVE Twitter chat. If you’d like to join the discussion, follow the #WildYourSmoothie hashtag @WildBBerries and @NutriBulletUNI on Wednesday August 3rd at 11am PDT/2pm EDT. You can also join the LIVE discussion via TweetChat, following #WildYourSmoothie.

 Who should attend:

This #WildYourSmoothie Twitter chat is perfect for ANYONE looking to up their smoothie game or improve their family’s nutrition with healthy smoothies – great for moms and dads, kids, nutritionists, registered dietitians, mom bloggers and YOU! The back-to-school season is upon us and this Twitter chat is a great way to be inspired to help your kids start the new year full of the nutrients they need to grow and learn.

Some questions we’ll address during this LIVE 60-minute discussion include and MORE:

  • What are the hottest trends in building healthy (and delicious) smoothies?
  • How can parents sneak more nutrition into their kids’ diets with smoothies?
  • Why is nutrition especially important during back-to-school season?
  • How can a Wild Blueberry breakfast smoothie boost memory and concentration in kids?
  • How is NutriBullet working to improve nutrition among school children with the NutriBullet University program?

If you want to learn more about WBANA and NutriBullet, we encourage you to explore the links below:


Learn about our experts:

The Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA) (@WildBBerries) is a trade association of growers and processors of Wild Blueberries from Maine and Canada, dedicated to bringing the Wild Blueberry health story and unique Wild Advantages to consumers and the trade worldwide.

WBANA is dedicated to furthering research that explores the health potential of Wild Blueberries. Every year since 1997, WBANA has hosted the Health Research Summit in Bar Harbor, a worldwide gathering of dozens of scientists and researchers whose work is leading the way in learning more and more about the health benefits of Wild Blueberries. Hundreds of studies have been conducted on disease and the extensive health benefits of Wild Blueberries.

NutriBullet Team:

Sarah Lefkowitz, R.D. is a dietitian living in Los Angeles, California. Her professional foundation was built in the healthcare field, where she learned about the physiology of disease, working with patient care teams, making rounds with doctors in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and trauma centers. These experiences highlighted the impact of nutrition on healing and recovery. Sarah honed her skills, providing outpatient counseling in a center for digestive disease, wound care and geriatric health. Working primarily with a population that was sick highlighted the power of prevention and nutrition education. Read her full bio on NutriLiving.

Krista L. Haynes, R.D. is a Registered Dietitian with extensive knowledge on the benefits of eating a whole food, plant-based diet. Her approach centers on holistic wellness—using real, unprocessed foods to help detoxify the body and maximize its natural functions. Krista also specializes in adult weight management, teaching non-diet strategies based on the principals of Intuitive Eating. As a vegan, Krista promotes the benefits of vegan and vegetarian nutrition, but also realizes that a healthy diet is any diet that provides optimum energy and confidence and helps individuals achieve their personal goals. Read her full bio on NutriLiving.

Gigi Kwok-Hinsley, M.S., R.D. DrPH, is a Registered Dietitian in the Greater Los Angeles area specializing in nutrition and public health research with experience in adult weight management. She graduated from Loma Linda University School of Public Health with an emphasis in preventive care and health care management, Gigi conducted her dissertation research in bitter taste receptors as it relates to a patient’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Outside of work and school, she serves on the committee of professional development through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). Read her full bio on NutriLiving.

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