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10 Fruity Reasons to Visit the Frozen Aisle

Consumers are connecting with the message that frozen, wild blueberries have the same delicious taste, nutritional value, and antioxidant power as fresh. Here are some of the other reasons the frozen fruit trend is poised to catch on with consumers:

1.       Convenient bulk packaging

2.       Single servings are easy to extract from the freezer at home for use
in meals, in recipes or for snacking.

3.       Stand-up, re-sealable pouches available for some premium products.

4.       Great value compared to in-season pricing.

5.       No aging, no spoiling means no waste.

6.       Better choice for concocting frosty, nutritious smoothies.

7.       Frozen fruits like wild blueberries are easy to work with and perfect
for most recipes that call for blueberries.

8.       No caloric syrups and additives.

9.       IQF allows fruits to retain their structure even better while frozen.

10.   Only premium fruit is frozen, yielding a consistently superior product.

What do you do with your frozen fruit? Share your ideas with us!

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