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7 Fan-Favorite Wild Blueberry Recipes

As the year comes to a close and we think back to all the amazing travel, work, entertaining and eating we have accomplished here in the land of the Wild Blueberry, we thought it would be fun to reveal which recipes you enjoyed the most in 2015. In all, we shared over 100 original Wild Blueberry recipes over the last 12 months, all written by an incredible group of food writers, cookbook authors, and registered dietitians from around the country. Following are the top seven most shared, liked, and talked about recipes of 2015. From the top:

Wild Blueberry Baked Sweet Potato

1. Wild Blueberry Twice Baked Sweet Potato

With an astounding 9,168 likes, comments, and shares, this Wild Blueberry Twice Baked Sweet Potato was the runaway winner in 2015. And it’s no wonder. Created by Danielle Omar, a leading registered dietitian, clean-eating coach, teacher and cookbook author, Danielle is a passionate food and nutrition educator.

2. Wild Blueberry Scone

Second place goes to this beautiful Wild Blueberry Scone recipe created by Anne Mauney, a Washington, D.C. based registered dietitian and author of the fitness blog fANNEtastic food. We love the pretty heart shape of this scone!

Wild Blueberry Scone

3. Creamy Wild Blueberry Pie

This vibrant Creamy Wild Blueberry Pie was the third pick of readers. Filled with deliciously intense blueberry flavor, it packs twice the antioxidants of a regular blueberry pie. This one was made in the Wild Blueberry test kitchen.

Creamy Wild Blueberry Pie

4. Maine Wild Blueberry Pie

This post surged in popularity because it revealed a #1 easy trick that professional bakers use for the best blueberry pies. It also shared the recipe for Maine Blueberry Pie, developed by a hot Portland bakery called Two Fat Cats.

Maine Blueberry Pie

5. Wild Blueberry Baked Doughnuts

Who doesn’t love a yummy doughnut? This hugely popular recipe for Wild Blueberry Baked Doughnuts was adapted from a King Arthur Flour recipe by Rebecca Crump, a Nashville-based blogger and food writer. It’s sure to please all.

Wild Blueberry Baked Doughnuts

6. Wild Blueberry Sunshine Smoothie

It’s no surprise that two finalists for our best 2015 recipes were in the smoothie category. Frozen Wild Blueberries are simply a perfect ingredient for any smoothie.   This Wild Blueberry Sunshine Smoothie uses coconut water, orange juice lime and Wild Blueberries, and was developed by Rebecca Crump, a Nashville-based writer and food blogger.

Sunshine Smoothie

7. Wild Blueberry Recovery Smoothie
Last but not least, this dazzling Wild Blueberry Recovery Smoothie was developed by registered dietitian, author, and athlete Anne Mauney. She says it’s a great way to refuel after an energetic workout.

Wild Blueberry Recovery Smoothie

Our 2015 top recipes reveal what we suspected. Our readers love using frozen Wild Blueberries in a variety of ways – everything from pies to breakfast goodies and savory dishes to smoothies. With exceptional flavor, color and nutritional value, we can’t think of a better way to support a healthy vibrant lifestyle in 2016 than to keep a good supply of frozen berries in your freezer.

Happy New Year!

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