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BOOM! BANG! July 4th Recipes Put Colorful Foods on Display!

From Jell-O flags to 3-layer pies, this weekend is perfect for foods of color, and that means America’s birthday is the best time to celebrate both fun and nutrition. There’s no time like the present to get out your wild blueberries, combine them with raspberries, watermelon, or cherries, and throw in a little something white (hey, it’s a holiday). Here are some patriotic selections that will inspire you to color up the Fourth of July holiday and add some oohs and aahs to those bang-booms!

Pillsbury offers many berry-laden ideas.

Recipezaar makes the perfect flavorful flag.

Better Homes & Gardens offers a killer three color fruit pie.

Taking Pride in Your Colorful Creation? Snap your tri-color treat, send it to [email protected],  and we’ll post the spoils here! Happy 4th!

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