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Make Dad Smile with this Delicious Protein-Packed Father’s Day Breakfast Smoothie

Father’s Day at our house is usually met with fun and fanfare. I think Norah looks forward to both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day more than her own birthday! She typically has her gift ready and card made weeks in advance, in full anticipation of the big day.

On the morning of each big day, she is the first to wake up and is always eager to whip up a delicious breakfast extravaganza, with a little help of course. This Father’s Day she’s excited to be able to make breakfast all by herself, because this year her Dad is getting his favorite breakfast smoothie.


My husband normally enjoys a more decadent Father’s Day breakfast. In fact, he adores nothing more than a decadent high-carb breakfast – croissant French toast or fluffy pancakes drizzled with way too much maple syrup are his holiday go-tos. But this year he’s been on a bit of a health kick. There hasn’t been much of anything decadent or sweet on his menu for a while, as he’s been in full training mode for the last two months. The occasional splurge here and there happens, but for the most part he’s been living lean.

His routine of late is to wake up, drink a protein smoothie, and then hit the gym. If you’ve ever lived with someone who’s in training mode of any kind, it can be stressful when you ask them to veer off-plan. Since we don’t want a stressed-out dad on Father’s Day, we are sticking to the plan.

Norah will be thrilled to deliver to him his favorite Wild Blueberry smoothie. This recipe is a blueberry triple threat. His smoothies always start with a heaping cup of frozen Wild Blueberries. He loves the intense Wild Blueberry taste and looks forward to his morning dose of antioxidants. To his frozen Wild Blueberries he adds vanilla flavored Greek yogurt for a creamy effect and blueberry flavored ground flax seed for a dose of fiber and healthy fats.

Of course he also adds a scoop or two of protein powder, but not before a few drops of vanilla extract, a dash of cinnamon for natural sweetness, and a frozen banana are mixed in.

This protein smoothie is the perfect pre-workout breakfast or post-workout recovery meal. It’s low in sugar, big on delicious Wild Blueberry flavor, and a healthy, nutrient-dense way to start the morning. Especially if it’s delivered to you in bed…with a big hug and a home-made card.


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