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Five Wild Blueberry Dishes to Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Table

Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? If you’re hosting a small family gathering this year, we have some delicious wild blueberry recipes that may help you spice up your Thanksgiving table. Incorporating this brain healthy, indigenous, wild fruit into your Thanksgiving day is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Looking for some inspiration? Give these five wild blueberry sides and desserts a go this Thanksgiving Day:

1. Wild Blueberry Orzo Asparagus:

Looking for a vegetarian dish to add to your table? Try this Wild Blueberry Orzo Asparagus recipe. Made up of Orzo pasta, spinach, almonds, chickpeas, asparagus, and of course wild blueberries, this dish is sure to earn you extra brownie points at the table. With sweet and savory in the mix, what’s not to love? 

2. Butternut Squash Wild Blueberry Stuffing

We all love a classic side of stuffing with our turkey, but what about trying something a little different this Thanksgiving like this Butternut Squash Wild Blueberry Stuffing. A healthier option full of fiber with a delicious taste your guests will crave.

3. Twice Baked Sweet Potato with Wild Blueberries

Potatoes come in many different varieties on Thanksgiving, whether it’s baked, mashed, or fried. This Twice Baked Sweet Potato with Wild Blueberries is one of our most popular recipes and it’s filled with beta carotene, vitamin C, and fiber. Don’t be afraid to smother it with plenty of warm wild blues, for this duo is a match made in nutrition heaven. 

4. Mary Blenk’s Famous Maine Wild Blueberry Pie 

Here in Maine there’s always a table full of pies at Thanksgiving. This award winning pie recipe–Mary Blenk’s Maine Wild Blueberry Pie– will be the star of your pie table and the perfect end to your Thanksgiving meal. It’s award winning after all…

5. Wild Blueberry and Apple Crisp

Who doesn’t love a simple apple crisp? We do but adding some wild blueberries to it will bring it to the next level. This Wild Blueberry and Apple Crisp recipe is vegan and gluten-free, uses minimal sugar and no butter. Delicious flavor and healthy to boot – win win! 

If you try one of the above recipes, let us know which one your family loved most! Take a picture, post on social, and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so we can see your *wild* Thanksgiving spread. 

We hope you enjoy spending time with family and friends and take time to remember what you’re most grateful for. Thank you for being part of the wild blueberry community–we’re grateful for you. Happy Turkey Day!

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