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Fruit Flash Mob! Create Some Colorful Chaos

What is a flash mob for fruit? It’s an inspiring hat’s off to edible color!

The credit for this creative way to promote the health benefits of servings, in their rainbow of colors, goes to the kids at an elementary school in Norfolk, Virginia. We love that this raucous crowd includes a giant “hollah!” for blue fruit (and a dancing blueberry at 2:20). Great job, mob!

Ready to do your own fruit flash mob?

Consider the surprise of grocery store shoppers (try the chips and snacks aisle for a little nutritional irony) or fast food restaurants when you and your mobbers go all in to flaunt the wonders of fruit. We’re not suggesting anarchy…but a flash mob for fruit might be just the reminder we need that getting our servings of high nutrition, high antioxidant content, and a deep, bright, variety of color is crucial to health and disease prevention. As Norfolk Elementary would say, Whoo Whoo Blueberries! Whoo Whoo Apples!

How to Organize a Fruit Flash Mob:

1) Know your purpose.
Your mob should make a point and be fun, too. Touting fruit and veggie servings? Find a way to make your position clear in a way that is satirical and entertaining.

2) Get a mob.
Large mobs can be assembled on social media sites like flashmob.com, but smaller mobs can be found with a bunch of willing friends. Large spaces usually require large numbers – a New York City street needs at least 50 – but smaller venues work fine with 10 or more.

3) Choreograph a dance, or write or adapt a song.
Mobs must be original and lively, and that can be accomplished best by dancing or singing. Other types of creative mobs include freeze mobs, mime mobs of Guinness Record mobs.

4) Prepare.
Provide clear instructions to your mob to ensure accuracy and timing, and then rehearse. Mobs do best when participants join gradually – start with a leader and let the others join in 1-3 at a time, until everyone is participating.

5) Check for safety.
Safety or legal restrictions are a must for flash mobs. Check your location first to make sure you are not blocking others from their activity or obstructing exits. Flash mobs should surprise and delight, not hinder.

6) Remember to blend.
The key to a successful flash mob is pretending that nothing happened. Be sure everyone blends straight-faced into the crowd when it’s over, and save the post-mortem for later.

7) Remember the video.
You’ll want to upload it to YouTube.com, post it on your blog and twitter account, or keep it for posterity and inspiration to others.

Think you can outdo Norfolk Elementary’s Fruit Flash Mob? Organize your own and send the results to [email protected]. We’ll post the video on Wild About Health and let our readers be the judge!

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