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This Halloween, Try These Made-from-Scratch Wild Blueberries Recipes

Halloween doesn’t have to be all candy bars and packaged foods. Remember the days when the best Halloween treats were handmade caramel-dipped apples and popcorn balls? If you’re entertaining this Halloween, then try bewitching your guests (young and old) with a few spooky, eye-catching treats, made entirely from scratch in your own kitchen.

These easy-to-make Halloween recipes are not only show stoppers, but also they make use of Wild Blueberries, a favorite healthy ingredient with a hauntingly dark blue pigment, which makes them a unique and befitting choice for All Hallows’ Eve. Wild Blueberries also offer twice the antioxidants of regular blueberries and a natural, tasty sweetness that’s a great alternative to the processed sugar that accompanies this ghoulish night. These recipes are also easy for the kids in your home and neighborhood to make, giving them special appeal.

Bat-Shaped Cookies with Wild Blueberry Icing
These striking little bat-shaped cookies, from food and nutrition expert Kara Lydon of The Foodie Dietitian, are tasty, spooky, and beautifully topped with naturally-colored Wild Blueberry icing.  Whipping up a batch of these scary good cookies also makes for an entertaining afterschool decorating activity for kids during the Halloween season. Made with healthy ingredients such as whole-wheat flour, Greek yogurt, and frozen Wild Blueberries, these cookies are not overly sweet and feature a subtle and appealing Wild Blueberry taste that kids and parents will love.

Wild Blueberry Wobbles in Custard Sauce

This simple recipe wasn’t developed explicitly for Halloween, but it has all of the qualities of a spooky Halloween inspired snack. With just the right molds (found at a cooking or craft store), this recipe could easily be transformed into wobbling ghosts, goblins, and witches. Using frozen Wild Blueberries and raspberry flavored JELL-O®, the Wild Blueberries float inside the mold, forming ghostly and haunting layers that will delight any child. Note that this make-ahead recipe needs to chill several hours or overnight.

Spooky Wild Blueberry Boo-Berry Snack Balls

These easy-to-prepare snack balls made with cashews, Medjool dates, and Wild Blueberries, are an elegant and slightly sophisticated finger food for Halloween partygoers. But making them at home can involve the kids, making them a great addition to your Halloween festivities. Once the ingredients have been combined in your food processor, the kids can help form them into bite-sized balls, roll them in coconut, and add some candy eyeballs for a silly touch. Created by Real Mom Nutrition author Sally Kuzemchak, these morsels are a tasty and healthy addition to any Halloween party. (Beware of nut allergies before getting started.)

Bottom Line: If you’re making plans for a festive Halloween don’t forget that there are healthy, tasty, and unique alternatives to the candy aisle. Making treats at home is also a great way to entertain your children and grandchildren and to expand their concept of holidays into something handmade and special. This gives children an opportunity to slow down, and it’s one of the ways that fond and lasting memories are made.

Happy Halloween!

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