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Pinterest Shows Its True Blue Colors

A view of the many Pinterest boards devoted to blueberries and wild blueberries. The new social sharing site puts enthusiasts’ passions on display. 

Whether you’re keeping tabs on the latest social media trends, or you’re an old-school scrapbooker, Pinterest is probably piquing your interest. Suddenly, this social sharing site is the talk of the digital town, and in the race to create personal “boards”, a true diversity of user interests has appeared.

Pinterest mimics a traditional pin board, letting you virtually “pin” favorite images, photos and recipes from around the digital world on your own “board”, peruse other boards, and find new discoveries to pin. It’s addictive, social fun for image-friendly topics like food, style, weddings and decor.

Though boards are widely diverse,  it’s clear that many Pinterest users have a yen for a little blue fruit. These enthusiasts for blue are not shy about sharing their passion. Blueberry boards – many dedicated specifically to wild – are teeming with blueberry images, blueberry-themed food, recipes and personal photos. The result is an array of boards such as the Everything Blueberry board, the Food Blueberry board, boards devote solely to blueberry breads, blueberry cakes and simply blueberry obsession (think blueberry cake times 100.) It’s more than enough to sate a hunger for a very photogenic berry.

Blueberry Pinterest Finds 

Seeking some bright blue ideas to stimulate your meal? On Pinterest you can find the creative, the practical, and truly mouth-watering. Here are just a few of our own blueberry finds – that is, images – suitable for our own wild blueberry board, along with the original source that inspired the Pinterest user to pin.

The Find: Blue Velvet Cake with Blueberries & Cream Cheese Frosting
The Source: Adventures in Cooking Blog
The sight of this true blue velvet cake will have you reeling with pleasure. It’s breath-taking blue piled high with white frosting (Sold? Print the recipe for this exquisite creation).

The Find: Blueberry Ice Cubes
The Source: We Are Not Martha
Inspiration doesn’t have to be complicated. This super simple superfruit recipe is perfect for a fun drink when you feel like giving blueberries a nod. We Are Not Martha takes you through the ice cube making process on this “favorite things” page, photographing each simple step along the way, the true indication of pin royalty. Here’s a preview:

1) Place 3-4 wild blueberries in an ice cube tray
2) Fill with water
3) Freeze
4) Use in sparking water, lemonade or your favorite cocktail.
5) Enjoy!

The Find: Blueberry French Toast Sandwich
The Source: Blue Willow (a “duochromatic blog” about only things that are white and blue)

This pinable Blueberry French Toast Sandwich adroitly bridges the gap between breakfast and lunch. It’s touted for its winning taste, and such a pin-worthy image has to taste good. Here’s the ingredients:

Package of cream cheese, softened
Some confectioners sugar
French toast slices
3/4 cup fresh (or go for nutrient-rich wild frozen) blueberries

From there, you are merely a mix, a toast and a spread away from yummy.

The Find: Blueberry Pop Tarts
The Source: Food Coma
It’s the homemade equivalent of the beloved family favorite. It’s hard to avert your eyes from this perfectly sweet manifestation of blueberry pop-tarts made fresh at home. The pin-worthy trick is puff pastry filled blueberry and topped with a sugary frosting. Pintastic!

Create Your Own ____ Board

Think you know wild blues? Show your colors! Create your own wild blueberry board – or fruit board, veggie board, healthy eating board, antioxidant food board, or anything full of nutritious, imagistic inspiration.

Making your own Pinterest board is easy. Start here. Request an invitation. (Yes, there’s a waiting list to this exclusive party.) Then, get to work on your own creation and share it, or browse other boards for likely additions and inspirations.

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