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Why Frozen Wild Blueberries are Actually Fresher

When we see or hear the word “frozen” in front of different foods, we automatically think it’s not good for us or that those foods aren’t nutritious. In reality, many frozen foods – especially fruits and vegetables – may have more nutritious value than their fresh counterparts. For example, the… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Does a healthy gut play any role in brain health?

In this, the second part of our Brain Health series, we take a look at the impact of the digestive system and fiber on brain health. (Read part one, Can What We Eat Help Our Brains as We Age?) Meet your microbiome All of us host a huge number of bacteria… Read More


Tiny but Mighty: How the Little-Known Wild Blueberry Became an Antioxidant Superstar

We’ve come a long way in fully appreciating the health benefits of the foods we eat. It’s not that we haven’t always cared, but until relatively recently, the science wasn’t there to back up the health story. Back in the 1920s and ‘30s the nutritional value of Wild Blueberries was… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Natural Mood Boosting Foods + Wild Blueberry and Chocolate Skillet Pancake Recipe

I don’t know about you, but my mood always takes a turn for the better when I look out my window and see flowers and grass instead of ice and snow. Spring is certainly a mood-booster, but the changing seasons don’t always give you the feel good fuel you need… Read More

In the Barrens

On Earth Day, we look at the food we eat through the lens of water usage

How many gallons of water does it take to produce a pound of food? The answers will amaze you. Back To Second Grade. Do you remember studying clouds in elementary school? Teachers loved showing us those charts of water evaporating from the sea, turning into clouds, falling as rain in… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Does a Wild Blue Diet Bring Brain Health Benefits?

Can’t remember where you glasses are? What was the name of the dental hygienist? Darn it, what was the name of that spice I needed again! Everyone feels forgetful once in a while. Being somewhat “forgetful” is normal and could become increasingly more common as we grow older—even for healthy… Read More

Health & Nutrition

What’s all the Buzz about Polyphenols?

We’ve all heard about the value of an antioxidant rich diet, right? Now, scientists are starting to uncover the miracle of polyphenols, a certain class of antioxidants that are getting intense scrutiny and a lot of praise. So what, exactly, are polyphenols? Polyphenols are natural chemical compounds that protect plants… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Health Research Reveals Wild Blueberries are Good for the Gums

Everyone knows that Wild Blueberries – with their significant antioxidant and phytonutrient capacity – are a great addition to your diet. But a new study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry suggests that the polyphenols in these powerful little berries can help fight gum disease too. A… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Men’s Health Week: Three Top Nutrition Tricks for Guys

Hey guys, it’s all about you this month! It’s not only Men’s Health Month, it’s Men’s Health Week (June 15-21)! What better time than now to give your nutritional health a little attention? After all, the links between diet and health apply to both women and men. Yet, according to… Read More

In the Barrens

One thing every Wild Blueberry grower loves, and that’s a honeybee!

Honeybees are getting ready for the kind of sweet indulgence that’s found only once a year on the barrens of Eastern Maine, Quebec and Canada. Over the next 20-25 days, no fewer than one billion honeybees – from Maine and “from away” – will descend upon tens of thousands of… Read More

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