Pterostilbene: Big Promise for an Amazing Antioxidant


recent study into the effects of an extract found in blueberries provided good news this month about a certain type of cancer. The research showed promise in the treatment of bladder cancer, demonstrating the compound’s anti-cancer activity in the cells. 

Previous research into this powerful fruit has already demonstrated potential in cancer treatment and prevention. Research has shown that blueberries inhibited the growth of Triple Negative Breast Cancer, a particularly aggressive and hard to treat form of breast tumor, and other research shows compounds in wild blueberries may be effective inhibitors of both the initiation and promotion stages of cancer. 
This latest research was conducted by a professor from National Cheng Kung University in southern Taiwan, and it indicated that a substance extracted from blueberries can induce the death of bladder cancer cells and may be effective for chemotherapy-resistant bladder cancer. 

What’s also interesting about this study is the extract Professor Wang Ying-jan used: it’s pterostilbene. The word may sound familiar – it’s a compound found most commonly in blueberries, and it’s becoming more and more important in the world of nutrition research.  Its unique health benefits once again show the blueberry – particularly the wild blueberries with its potency of concentrated compounds – has more secrets under its deep blue skin.

Pterostilbene: A Promising Compound 

Pterostilbene is an antioxidant found specifically in blueberries and red-skinned grapes. It is similar to resveratrol, the popular compound present in wine and known for its anti-aging properties, but it’s not as well known – yet. (And, despite its presence in grapes, it isn’t found in wine.) It’s one of many “stilbenes” a type of organic compound that is makes up food’s chemistry.

According to Professor Wang who conducted the bladder cancer study, pterostilbene also has antioxidant and antiseptic features that exhibit anticancer activity, and it has the potential to lower blood fat levels. We already know the powerful effect antioxidants have on the body. They help our bodies protect against disease and age-related health risks by decreasing inflammation and fighting free radicals that cause diseases of aging.  Research is in the beginning stages for this exciting new antioxidant compound but it is thought to have a preventative effect on cancer and cognitive decline, effectively slowing cellular aging. It also shows promise for type 2 diabetes by slowing sugar surges and regulating the secretion of insulin. (You can find this study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.) And, early studies indicate a benefit in preventing high cholesterol and heart disease.

Blueberries & Pterostilbene

The best news about this compound is its accessible delivery system. Pterostilbene is most commonly known for its presence in blueberries, in particular the more potent wild blueberry, and also in grapes and peanuts.  It is marketed as a supplement; however, the most dependable way to get the benefits of nutritional compounds remains to eat it in its natural form in food.

If you are intrigued by the unique benefits of pterostilbene, your best approach is to increase your intake of wild blueberries: they are a leader in antioxidants, and the smaller berry with its high skin-to-pulp ratio (where the antioxidants are found) has the highest antioxidant capacity compared to 20 of the most common fruits. At least ½ cup every day provides an exciting, delicious way to boost your health in a promising variety of important ways.

Read more about Pterostilbene’s Healthy Potential at USDA.

2 thoughts on “Pterostilbene: Big Promise for an Amazing Antioxidant

  1. Allan Silliphant

    I’ve had type2 diabetes for 15 years..I’m a 74 year old veterans medical out-patient.
    I have been on a good medication, METFORMIN for the 15 years. Because my
    finger-stick reading were averaging 136 after fasting 8 hours, I got tired of the holdtype2 diabetes had on me, I looked on line for an answer. The substance called PTEROSTILBENE turned up on hundreds of research postings. It turns out to be a more long lasting relative to the more famous RESVERATROL A half-live in the blood is 105 minutes, comparped to RESVERATROL’s 14 minutes. Both are more oil rather than water friendly. Then, my layman’s hunch figured in. Two things new! I would take with a little COCONUT OIL, and I would eat 2 oz. of
    organic blueberries with each cap. In 45 days of testing I have lost 14 lbs. My fingerstick number now average 94, sometimes as low as 81,82,or 83. I can retain urine not 45 minutes, as before but 3.5 hours! my blood pressure is down 10%, and my mind seems more agile. 30 university research labs are testing it on lab rats, for 28 kinds of ammalian cancers, 7 even alzheimer’s. check it out on google or yahoo, Human trial were conducted a U. of Missisippi Pharm lab. I’m just blow away by the great results, so far.

  2. Allan Silliphant

    Her’s an update on my small group doing “real world testing” of pTerostilbene.
    & a respected diabetic prescription drug called metformin (extended release version). A third related substance being tested is Niagen (NR) a proven
    precursor to a critical organic substance in all the cells of higher animals & man.The version of pterostilbene my group is testing is pure and made by synthesis of the base chemicals by a fabricator of medical ingredients in Irvine CA. They have secured rights from the developers, who happen to be our US federal government…the USDA scientists, working at the U. of Mississippi, pharma research lab at the Oxford MS. Not exactly “snake oil hucksters”!This stuff works. It has helped me with amazing progress in my health. Now, I’m down 32 lbs. & it is pretty much all the fat I was carrying around my waistline, & built-up inside my abdomen, crowding my viscera. A 32 pound bag full of that gloop is now gone!!! Just imagine how I feel! My diabetes is cured as long as I keep this weight off and take my meds. I am eating a tasty, healthy diet now, that provides close to 2000 calories, & I seem to be stable in weight & A1c% is withinthe normal range. The Niagen is seeming to have improved the memory & mental agility of my fellow testers & I. My late half-brother, screen writer, Stirling Silliphant,
    wrote the movie “Charly”, which was based on Ray Bradbery’s book “Flowers for Algernon”, so this whole thing seems pretty ironic…but in a good way, so far! This stuff is likely the first real step of a gradual realization of future health-span extension. I should mention that the 4 of us take live blueberries in a little cottage cheese that we add powdered blueberry pigment to. This is intended to fool the “smart” digestive tract into “thinking” it came from the live berries. There is great stuff there to fend off bacteria, fungus, & plant viruses…& it’s yummy!

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