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Surprising Smoothie Ingredients and Combos from Health & Nutrition Experts

A passionate crowd joined the Wild Blueberry Association of North America (@WildBBerries) Twitter chat on Wed Feb 17th. They were eager to learn about Wild Blueberries and share their favorite smoothie ingredient combinations. Registered Dietitian, Kara Lydon, RD, LDN, RYT (@karalydonRD), helped lead the #WildYourSmoothie discussion. Kara shared some of her favorite smoothie making ingredients including Wild Blueberries, great smoothie making tips  and a little bit about her visit to Maine to see the miraculous world of Wild Blues.

During the chat, we learned about a smoothie ingredient that intrigued all of us — ginger.  Many commented it adds a spicy contrast to the sweetness of a smoothie. Kara said it’s a perfect addition to a Wild Blueberry smoothie because it adds an extra flavor kick. Kefir and protein were also hot topics of conversation. Kefir is a fermented milk beverage that is packed with probiotics. It is a great addition to a smoothie because of the protein it contains. And adding protein to a smoothie either through kefir, dairy or powders helps keep you full and satiated longer, which is a plus when you are using smoothies as a meal replacement as part of weight loss regime.

The crowd, mostly registered dietitians and healthy food bloggers, also came prepared and asked some great questions! Some of our favorite tweets from the chat are below. To explore the entire conversation be sure to check out the Storify Archive.

Tweet by @vsrnutrition
Tweet by @karalydonRD
Tweet by @LaurenPincusRD
Tweet by @chardincharge
Tweet by @StreetSmartRD

And, of course we wanted to let everyone know about our #WildYourSmoothie contest for registered dietitians and healthy food bloggers and remind everyone to submit their entries before the contest wraps  up on March 1, 2016. To see some of the amazing entries follow the hashtag, #WildYourSmoothie. Stay tuned. We’ll announce the winners soon!

#WildYourSmoothie Tweet

Thanks everyone for joining us for our first Twitter chat. And thank you Kara Lydon, RD, LDN, RYT, The Foodie Dietitian, for making this chat even more special! If you have questions about smoothies or Wild Blueberries, just give us a tweet at @WildBBerries. Be sure to include #WildYourSmoothie in your tweet.

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