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New Twists on Thanksgiving Favorites Using Wild Blueberries

‘Tis the season for slowing down, spending time with loved ones, and honoring the tradition of giving thanks. Tradition is a commonly used word this time of year – whether your family gathers to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade or looks forward to your great grandmother’s recipe that’s been around for decades. No matter what the tradition, the fabric of annual familial rituals holds a great deal of meaning and love.

In the spirit of honoring tradition, but also adding a fresh spin on your Thanksgiving meal, consider adding delicious Wild Blueberries to your meal with five easy-to-make recipes that will pair flawlessly with each and every dish on your table.

Stuffing with a Twist

If you’re looking for a lighter fare but don’t want to sacrifice color and flavor, try this Butternut Squash and Wild Blueberry Stuffing. Combine Wild Blueberries with warm couscous, crunchy walnuts, and traditional butternut squash to create a healthy alternative that everyone is sure to crave more of.

Not Your Average Gravy

Finding a sauce that complements multiple foods can be daunting, but this Wild Blueberry and Strawberry Balsamic Sauce could be just the ticket. With just four ingredients and less than 10 minutes of prep time needed start to finish, this sauce will have you ditching your traditional gravy in favor of this one for your Thanksgiving turkey. The Wild Blueberries deliver a rich, bold flavor that can accompany any dish on your table.

Get Your Greens In

Adding a little greenery and a lot of nutrients to your Thanksgiving meal is always a good idea. This Roasted Vegetables & Pecans with Wild Blueberry Balsamic Sauce helps put vegetables on the table with presentation to boot. This easy-to-make, sweet and savory dish pairs nicely with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and more. Simply cut, bake, combine, and garnish for a healthy side that even brussels sprouts haters will be willing to give a try.

Walk on the Wild Side

When you think of Thanksgiving traditions, there is no doubt that homemade apple or pumpkin pie comes to mind. This year, put a “wild” spin on tradition by serving Mary Blenk’s Maine Wild-Blueberry Pie. With sweetness in every bite and a flaky crust, the end result is so mouthwatering that family members of all ages will look forward to seeing it in the lineup this year and for years to come.

Sip on Something

With the cold weather settling in, cozy drinks are the perfect addition to your holiday fare. If you’re looking for something to warm you up from the inside out, try the dietician approved Spiced Wild Blueberry Cider.

May your holiday season be filled with ample family time, slow days, and, of course, traditional dishes with a wild twist. Happy Thanksgiving!

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