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There’s Something About Vinaigrette

Wild Blueberries Kick Up Greens & More 

There’s something about vinaigrette – specifically, blueberry vinaigrette – that sends many recipe seekers to Wild About Health. In fact, there are as many of us searching for this twist on vinaigrette as there are searching for pie or cobbler.

It seems blueberry vinaigrette has come out of hiding. It’s been discovered by discriminating cooks for its unexpectedness and its perfect balance of sharpness and subtlety that perks up any dish. It’s lively, light, and flavorful, and creates an ideal flavor profile for proteins and vegetables that goes beyond oil and vinegar. It also provides the perfect opportunity to add something unique to a meal with a knowing nod to a wild, regional food.

While “blueberry vinaigrette” may be the shorthand, it’s the “wild” that makes this vinaigrette shine. Wild provides the intense flavor, and it’s unsurpassed when it comes to health. Wild is also the chef’s choice when it comes to any recipe. (Go ahead and compare wild vs. cultivated and see.)

Vinaigrette Unleashed 

Need more reasons to love vinaigrette? You got it. There’s no end to vinaigrette’s versatility when you add the flavor of wild blueberry – it whips the drab out of a dish faster than your can answer the question, “What’s that exquisite flavor?” Here are a few ideas to put this taste accomplice to work:

  • Dress your greens. For salads, wild blueberry vinaigrette adds natural flavor and zing.
  • Use it as marinade. Think fish and chicken. Keep it brief for fish – 15-30 minutes, so the acidity does not “cook” the fish.
  • Use it on vegetables – add wild blueberry vinaigrette while cooking, or toss veggies in a small amount before serving for a subtle wild blue flavor.
  • Dip your bread. Dipping crusty bread in EVOO is a popular table activity – using wild blueberry vinaigrette is a great alternative. Provide a bit for your focaccia in a selection of shallow dishes.
  • Drizzle it – over a chicken or turkey sandwich for is slimmer, superior alternative to fattier condiments, and as the perfect complement to this protein, courtesy of that wild blue flavor.

Wild Blueberry Vinaigrette

Need the ultimate recipe? Look no further. Easy assembly and storage means you can take any meal from snoozy to snazzy with this Wild Blueberry Vinaigrette recipe from WildBlueberries.com.  See below.

Need More Salad?

For something new, try this Baby Spinach Salad with Warm Wild Mushroom and Blueberry Vinaigrette. Don’t just stop at the mushrooms when it comes to wild – choose wild for the blueberries, too. (Go ahead and get them frozen, they’re as delicious and nutritious as fresh.)

Or, toss together these palate-pleasing salad options for a new twist on greens that will prove more than just an entrée sidekick:

Wild Blueberries with Roquefort, Celery and Cumberland Sauce

Savory Salad with Goat Cheese and Wild Blueberry Sauce

Rainbow Superfood Salad with Wild Blueberry and Balsamic

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