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Easy Breakfast-in-Bed Recipe for Mother’s Day: Wild Blueberry Flatbread

When I was a kid I used to plan a full day of activities for my mom on Mother’s Day, which ranged from brunch to movies, outdoor plays, fancy dinners, breakfast in bed and even a full spa day.  No matter what, she was going to feel pampered.

It’s only since I became a mom myself that I realized maybe I had overdone it…just a little. Maybe all the fanfare was indeed just that and what she really needed wasn’t wrapped up in a ton of activities? Maybe on Mother’s Day all my mom really wanted was breakfast in bed and a mimosa?

As a dietitian, I work with Moms of all types. Many of them lead full lives. Full lives that are sometimes overscheduled and under-funded. Many of them work all day outside the home only to come home and keep on working. Weekends are no better! These moms are not spending their Saturday brunching with girlfriends. Instead they’re spent on the soccer field, at the grocery store, and in the laundry room.

Motherhood is a tough job. It’s a great job, but it’s a tough one, too. No matter what “type” of mom you are, the struggle is real.

That’s why Mother’s Day is important. Even though some may consider it a “Hallmark holiday” it’s still a universal way to celebrate the mom in your life.

Which is where this Wild Blueberry Breakfast Flatbread comes in. Not only is it pretty delicious, it’s versatile enough to meet you right where your cooking skills are. Even the grade-schoolers in the house can whip this one up.

Did I mention it’s delicious?

Being the non-baker that I am, I went the super easy route and started with some store-bought Naan bread. You could also use pita bread or a baguette (if you want to get really fancy, pizza dough works great, too).

Next, I softened up some cream cheese. I could have used mascarpone or ricotta cheese, as well. Once softened, I doctored up the cheese with some flavor. I made two different versions of this flatbread. The first one is a vanilla, cinnamon, honey combination that I topped with pistachios. The second is an almond, lemon, honey mix that I topped with sliced almonds. Both are heaping with Wild Blueberries, of course. The Wild Blueberries really bring out the best of both flavor combinations. When baked, the Wild Blueberries release their antioxidant-rich juice to add the perfect sweetness to the cheese and the naan underneath.

This Mother’s Day treat the mom in your life to this delicious, simple to make Wild Blueberry Flatbread. Serve it to her in bed, of course. And then ask her what she’d like to do on her day. You just might be surprised by her answer.

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