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Easy, Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dish: Wild Blueberry Sweet Potato Stacks

I’m hosting a Friendsgiving dinner this year for my supper club girls. There’s six of us and we meet each month for a theme-inspired dinner. My month to host tends to fall in November and this year it’s on a day the week before Thanksgiving. As the host, I’m responsible for the main dish and one side. As you know from reading last year’s post, I don’t get overly excited about Thanksgiving. Turkey isn’t really my jam and I often end up eating a plate full of relatively boring side dishes. But this year is different. Even though it’s not the official Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve got to step up my game as the hostess.

I won’t lie, I did think for about half a minute that I could simply cook up a few turkey breasts and call it a day, but my husband quickly shamed me out of taking the lazy path.  He even volunteered to prepare the bird for me, which I thought was sweet, even though I’m pretty sure it had more to do with him getting to eat a boatload of leftover turkey. (He’s no dummy. He knows a few turkey thighs and legs are in his future!)

So with the main dish taken care of, I’m fully able to focus on preparing an amazing side dish that will wow the girls. I think I achieved exactly what I set out to do with these Wild Blueberry Sweet Potato Stacks. I mean, just look at them:


I’m no stranger to the Wild Blueberry-sweet potato combination. Remember this deliciousness from last October? Wild Blueberries complement the sweet potato perfectly! But there’s a few other benefits to this delicious marriage of flavor.

For one, I’m able to offer my friends a truly healthy dish. With my Wild Blueberry Sweet Potato Stacks, I’ve taken all the taste, flavor and antioxidant goodness of a whole sweet potato and condensed it into these amazing pop-it-into-your-mouth bites. So this recipe provides built-in portion control, something my girlfriends will definitely appreciate. Keeping in mind of course I literally could not stop myself from eating the entire tray. When it was all said and done I barely saved enough for my taste-tester who scarfed them down cold. My husband is pretty mainstream; I know if he loves something, it’s a hit.

The other great thing about this recipe is that it is so simple. It’s just simple flavors that highlight the Wild Blueberry perfectly. What I love about cooking with frozen Wild Blueberries is that they work so well with savory dishes. And let me tell you, I’ve made a few! From Wild Blueberry Stuffing to Wild Blueberry Quesadillas to Jalapeño poppers stuffed with Wild Blueberries, I can speak with some sense of authority to their versatility. Wild Blueberries blend well into any dish and provide a unique flavor boost that makes your meal just a little more special.


I can’t wait to serve my friends this unique twist on a classic Thanksgiving side dish. Sweet potatoes have never tasted so good! Simple, healthy and delicious. Now that is something to be grateful for.

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