80 g butter (some more butter to grease the baking pan)
130 g sugar
8 tsp. vanilla sugar
5 eggs
200 g grinded almonds
100 g grated chocolate, (dark) 1 tsp. baking powder
2 tbsp. Cointreau
400 g cream
1 pinch salt
300 g wild Blueberries from Canada (frozen)
1 splash lemon juice
Chopped pistachios

  1. Stir Butter with 80 g sugar and 3 tsp. vanilla sugar until creamy. Separate the eggs. Mix the egg yolk to the buttercream bit by bit. Strain the baking powder to the almonds and mix with the chocolate. Pour the almond mix and Cointreau into the bowl and stir in. Whisk the egg whites until stiff and gently fold in.
  1. Preheat the oven to 140° C. Construe a spring form pan with baking paper and grease the sides with butter. Fill in the dough, even out and bake for 60 minutes. Let cool down.
  1. Blend the defrosted blueberries with 50g sugar, 2 tsp. vanilla sugar and lemon juice. Whisk the cream with 3 tsp. vanilla sugar until stiff and spread 2/3 of it on the base. Fill the remaining third in an icing bag and form a cream ring on the crust. Spread the blueberry puree carefully in the middle of the ring. Put the pie in the fridge for at least two hours. Before serving, sprinkle with pistachios.


Nutritional value per piece approx.:

Energy: 416 kcal / 1740 kJ

Carbohydrates: 23,4 g

Protein: 9,6 g

Fat: 31,6 g