Wild Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Wild Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

This creative take on the traditional smoothie incorporates wild blueberries in the yogurt smoothie and is topped with wild blueberries and coconut. The bowl is served waffle “chips”.

Serving size:
1 bowl
Component Qualification:
½ cup fruit, 1 oz. eq. meat alternate, 1 oz. eq grain
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6 ⅔ lbsWild blueberries, frozen
6 ¼ qtYogurt, vanilla, lowfat
48 ozOrange juice
50Waffles, whole-grain rich, 1 oz. eq. grain
3 1/8 cupsCoconut, flaked, unsweetened

Nutrients per servings: See nutrition panel

1.Thaw wild blueberries overnight in a colander over a pan to catch the juice. Reserve the juice.

2.Mix yogurt, orange juice, and wild blueberries juice together. Chill. Hold cold, below 41 °F

3.Cook waffle according to package directions. Cut into quarters.

4.To serve: Place one #6 scoop of wild blueberry yogurt in a bowl. Top with 1 tablespoon of flaked coconut and ½ cup of thawed wild blueberries in bowl. Add “waffle chips” (4 quarters) to the bowl.