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Celebrate the Holidays with Wild Blueberry Pull-Apart Bread

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is already around the corner? While for some that statement may elicit feelings of excitement, for most it conjures up anxiety about the never-ending holiday to-do list. What if, this year, instead of getting caught up in the holiday hysteria, you invested in some time-saving and self-care strategies to keep you grounded during the busiest time of year.

  1. Prioritize the essentials. Make your holiday to-do list and then prioritize your list from essentials to non-essentials. Tackle the non-negotiables first like developing a Thanksgiving menu and ordering a turkey, and then if you still have time you can cross off the non-essentials like creating a centerpiece for the table and sending out holiday cards.
  2. Invest in one small act of self-care daily. It’s so easy to put self-care on the back burner, especially during the holiday season, but this is when we need it the most! You don’t need to treat yourself to facials and pedicures every day but you can set aside five minutes daily to do something that feels grounding and replenishing, like meditating, journaling, or going for a walk.
  3. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Round-up your partner, your kiddos, and your friends to all chip in. Ask your family or friends to each bring a dish to your holiday gathering so you don’t have to turn your kitchen upside down, cooking up a storm for everyone. Ask your partner to help you with grocery store runs. Invite your kiddos to help with the food prep. Delegating can help relieve some of the pressure of having to do it all yourself.
  4. Remember to nourish yourself. When life gets hectic, eating well can easily go out the window. When we are well-nourished, we have the energy to tackle our to-do list and show up as our best selves for our family and friends. Remember that nourishing meals and snacks don’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. Overnight oats with Wild Blueberries + cinnamon + walnuts is a quick and delicious breakfast. A smoothie with Wild Blueberries + banana + spinach + almond milk makes for a quick snack. Invest in nourishing foods that are quick and easy.
  5. Use shortcuts in the kitchen to save time. Rather than peeling and chopping a whole butternut squash for your roasted vegetable, buy pre-chopped from the produce department. Buy pre-made dough for your pie crust. For my Wild Blueberry Pull-Apart Bread, use a can of refrigerated biscuits instead of making the dough from scratch. These seemingly small acts can add up to a lot of time saved in the kitchen.

Speaking of Wild Blueberry Pull-Apart Bread, you are going to love this for a holiday dessert or brunch this year. It’s sweet, light, and easy to place out and have guests pull apart for a piece. The Wild Blueberries add a vibrant color and a nutrition boost, too. (hello, 2x the antioxidants!).

Wishing you a delicious and stress-free holiday season!

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