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6 Spooky Wild Blueberry Dessert Recipes for the Season

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’ve got quite the lineup of bewitching treats for you and your little goblins! This scary good holiday doesn’t have to be all about candy bars and processed snacks—remember the times when the most cherished treats were handmade caramel apples and popcorn balls? If you’re hosting a Halloween gathering, consider enchanting your guests with a selection of wickedly eye-catching treats straight from your kitchen. And when it comes to crafting delightful and nutritious home-made desserts, wild blueberries are the secret ingredient that can make a world of difference—both in flavor and health! These tiny, nutrient-dense powerhouses can help support whole body health, making them an ideal addition to your child’s spooky sweets this Halloween. 

Now onto the spooky fun, filled with some wild blueberry goodness!

*Wild* Halloween Desserts You’ll Howl For

Bat-Shaped Cookies with Naturally Colored Wild Blueberry Icing

These Bat-Shaped Wild Blueberry Cookies are equal parts adorable and eerie (well maybe not—the little bat faces are pretty cute!). Get ready to sink your teeth into the dark and delicious with this fun recipe. Plus, if you’re not fond of having your kids decorate cookies with artificial food colors, we’ve got good news for you—the icing is naturally colored from the vibrant wild blueberries!

Wild Boo-Berry Snack Balls

Boo-Berry Snack Balls, anyone? These bite-sized treats are a hauntingly healthy delight. A mix of oats, dates, cashews, and coconut, these balls are perfect for snacking on while you plan your costume, or they can serve as fun finger food for Halloween party-goers.

Wild Blueberries & Cream Mummy Cookies

Unwrap a truly *wild* flavor with our Wild Blueberries & Cream Mummy Cookies. These cute and spooky cookies are a scream, and no one will even notice that they are sugar- and gluten-free!

Wild Boo-Berry Bat Gummies

These Wild Boo-Berry Bat Gummies are sure to fly right into your heart, surpassing their store-bought counterparts. The crispy sugared exterior yields to a soft, jam-like center, and with every bite, you’ll experience a harmonious balance of bold, fruity sweetness.

Vegan Wild Blueberry Pumpkin Mug Cake

Don’t forget dessert for one! Our Vegan Wild Blueberry Pumpkin Mug Cake is a quick and easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth. The flavorful wild blues are a heavenly match with pumpkin, and their smaller size makes them perfect for single-serve desserts like this one.

Wild Blueberry Pull-Apart Bread

While the recipe title isn’t specifically Halloween themed, this Wild Blueberry Pull-Apart Bread oozes with eerie excitement—and it could pass for mummy bread! Tear and share this deliciously creepy treat with family and friends or just the kiddos.

How will you and your little goblins celebrate the spooky season? If you decide to spend some quality time together whipping up one of these scrumptious wild blueberry Halloween-themed dessert recipes, make sure to take a photo, post on social media, and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Happy Halloween!

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