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The Seven Wild Ways to a Healthy Brain in 2024

‘Tis the season for mulling over your New Year’s resolutions and setting intentions for the year to come. As you head into the holiday season, perhaps you’re considering prioritizing personal health and wellness in 2024. But as you think about those resolutions, one important health and wellness goal that often gets overlooked is brain health. Not sure how to incorporate a brain healthy lifestyle into your everyday life? You’re in luck! Here are seven wild ways to a healthy brain that will help jump start your 2024. 

  1. Move Every Day: Exercise enhances blood flow to the brain, increases brain cell connections, and requires balance and spatial relation practice. Plus, the endorphins we get from exercise make us happy! Win win.
  1. Stimulate Your Mind: Stay curious by reading, mastering a new skill, and challenging your brain every day. It’s always good to keep learning as we age and it keeps our minds sharp all the while.
  1. Prioritize the ZzZzs: Brains need a reset each day, so don’t skip on the shut-eye. If you’re curious how much sleep you should be getting to give your brain the rest it needs and deserves, check out this resource from the Sleep Foundation.
  1. Manage Your Health: Work with your doctor to stay on top of chronic conditions (e.g. high blood pressure or diabetes).
  1. Be Social: Spending quality time with friends and family is good for your brain. This can be as simple as picking up the phone to catch up with a friend, or meeting up in person. Whatever you feel comfortable with!
  1. Stress Less: Activities like yoga or meditation help reduce anxiety and improve mood and relaxation. Make these rituals a part of your routine for a happier, less stressful day.
  1. Pick Brain-Healthy Foods: Make it easy by adding a healthy scoop of frozen wild blueberries to your morning regimen – it’s honestly the tastiest brain food you’ll find. With 2x the antioxidants and 33% more brain-healthy anthocyanins than ordinary blueberries, wild blues have been linked to brain health and cognitive performance for years. And now there’s growing evidence from numerous studies that suggests eating wild blueberries daily, no matter your age, may be a practical and effective part of a brain-healthy diet. 

Need some inspiration for meals that incorporate brain-healthy wild blueberries? Check out our Cognition Kitchen Guide – it outlines the science, lifestyle tips, and of course delicious recipes. We also have an extensive recipe library that includes dozens of ways to incorporate wild blueberries into your family’s daily meals. From smoothies to entrees, we’ve got you covered.

No matter what the next year has in store, do your brain a favor and prioritize your noggin with these seven tips. Looking for more brain health information? Visit our website. Happy 2024!

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